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The Rainy Day Blues!

"Why do you sit there like that?"

As much as we would like to believe that this awesome streak of gorgeous weather will last forever, it happens... in rolls some rain and out goes your plans. I swear that the two kids sitting in the window in the opening pages of Dr. Seuss's 'A Cat in the Hat' are exactly what my two youngest children look like every time it rains. But as the wise cat once said, "I know it is wet, and the sun is not sunny, but we could have lots of good fun that is funny." I have to agree - rainy or cold doesn't mean that all we can do is "sit! sit! sit! sit!" It's simply time to get creative and think of a different kind of fun.

Too Rainy or Cold? No Problem!

That old mindset... we all are guilty of it at one time or another, whether it be when we are at home or traveling. My honest opinion is that the rain freezes our brain and out spits the old "there's nothing to do." But we all know that is not the case! Sometimes you just need to review the obvious ideas for indoor fun, and other times you need to think outside the box and come up with a unique idea that will help us forget that it is raining all together. 

Traditional Ideas for Indoor Fun...


Check out the events calendar and see what kind of events, local cultural programs, or live music is happening around town. You won't know what's happening until you take a look. If nothing catches your eye, check out what is happening in the nearby towns of Long Lake, Saranac Lake, Lake Placid, etc.

Catch a movie

Don't forget there is always the age old staple of catching a good movie at the local theater. From taking the kids to see a 3D animated movie to watching a good flick with your better-half, The Adirondack State Theater is always there to save the day!

Bowl a round (or two)

Whether it be a family fun game of cosmic bowling or a competitive round with some old friends, Lakeview Lanes on Route 30 is a great place to kill some time on a rainy day.

Visit The Wild Center

With all of the buzz on the new Wild Walk, we often find ourselves forgetting about what has always made The Wild Center such an awesome rainy day activity: the indoor stuff! Check out the exhibits, hang out with otters, watch a documentary, learn about glaciers, the list goes on... 

Grab drinks with old friends (or make new ones!)

Socializing at a local pub or tavern is a perfect way to sip away the day. Check out some live music P-2's Irish Pub. Sample some local ales at Raquette River Brewing or try a world famous ADK Bloody Mary Tonic right at its birth place, The Trail's End Tavern. More of a traditionalist? Then pull up a stool for the classic favorite, pizza and beer, at Little Italy. Whatever you decide, please do me a favor... Big Tupper Brewing says it best right on their bottle: "Don't be dumb!! Drink responsibly!"  and Non-Traditional!

Take an Artisan Tour

From The Leather Artisan in Childwold, to the woodworkers in the Junction, and an Adirondack Guide Boat Builder out at Moody, Tupper Lake has its fair share of local artisans, crafters, and tradesmen. Take a tour of the different shops and learn about their trades, visit Casagrain Art Gallery and get captured in the beauty of his paintings and most importantly don't forget to make a pit stop for lunch along the way.

Make a progressive dinner trail

I love to eat, so this is one of my favorite recommendations for wherever you might be on a rainy day. Don't just pick one place to eat... create your own customized progressive dinner trail. Pick one spot for pre-dinner drinks & appetizers, move on to a different location and choose your entree (or split a few entrees). Then roll into somewhere else for a good cup of coffee (or after dinner cocktails) and dessert. This is a great way to really sample the local flavor anytime you are traveling.

Don't Let a Little Rain Slow You Down!

Rainy days can in fact be just as fun as those famous bluebird sky days. As you can see, it just takes a little imagination. But before I leave to go pick out my own rainy day activity, I need to share one more thing. Over the summer I was reading a review - I can't recall if it was an e-mail, a social media post, or something random on Trip Advisor... but unlike where I read it, the message itself has stuck with me. It was written from a mother who was visiting with her family. She talked about the fun they had, but when she got home and was looking over the photos it dawned on her that their most memorable day was the day that it rained. See, they didn't let a little rain dampen their spirits - instead, they got outside and played in it! As I continued to read the review I realized that they were from a region that is drought- stricken, so to them playing in the rain was absolutely refreshing. So the old saying is true... sometimes all you really need is a new perspective.

Stay warm!