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Earth Girl Designs
70 Park Street, Tupper Lake

Rachel King is the owner and operator of Earth Girl Designs, a company that she started in her twenties. Her jewelry started off as very chunky, earthy pieces. They were beautiful, and sold here and there, but something wasn't right. She tried making bags with positive sayings on them and colorful bound journals. They were also beautiful, but still, she didn't make enough money to support myself. She circled back around to jewelry, this time making the designs simpler and easy for everyone to wear. She attended every craft show, festival and market that would accept her. Sometimes she sold a lot, and sometimes she sold only one thing. But she kept at it, never ever throwing in the towel and giving up. Giving up was never an option, the only option was to become better; better designs, better marketing, better set up and website. Every aspect of her little business has been worked on and, slowly but surely, she began to see the established business Earth Girl Designs was destined to be.

Rachel didn't realize at the time, but Earth Girl Designs grew as she grew. As she evolved, it reflected in her jewelry. Even still she sees it in her pieces. As she falls in love with new ideas and things and places, there is sure to be a piece of jewelry that will reflect that new obsession. Now that she's "tapped into" the collective consciousness through her creativity (and, yes, you have access to it too, we all do!) her ideas for new designs, new color combinations, fresh energy, will never run out.

This journey of 15 years has taken her places, taught her things, and opened her heart and mind in ways she never knew existed. Rachel is thankful for every part of it, every struggle and victory. It's not supposed to be "easy", and she's glad it wasn't. Because, today, she am strong, beautifully independent and she has become the kind of woman that she have truly admired as a little girl. And she's still there, that little girl, we are each other's inspiration.


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It isn't often that you walk into a store and can literally feel the good energy. However rare that feeling is, it is most definitely present at Earth Girl Designs, a gemstone and handcrafted jewelry store in Tupper Lake.