Low's Ridge-Upper Dam Trail

The Low’s Ridge – Upper Dam Trail is a scenic, remote, and diverse birding location. The trail is a mostly level dirt road that leads to the Upper Dam on the Bog River and Hitchins Pond. Birders will find many habitats including bog, marsh, river, pond, deciduous, mixed, and boreal forest, and second growth forest.

Getting there

From the intersection of Park Street and Route 30 in Tupper Lake (by a Mobil gas station), follow Route 30 south for 8.7 miles to a right onto County Route 421. If traveling from the south, take Route 30 north for 13.3 miles from the intersection of Routes 28 and 30 in Long Lake. Follow Route 421 for 7.5 miles to a “Y” intersection of two dirt roads. The gated road on the left is the trail. Be careful not to block the gate when you park since the forest rangers can drive through.


The dirt road trail is 2.5 miles on mostly level terrain. The first mile is along Hitchins Bog. There is a marsh, pond, and mixed forests along the route. The trail ends at the Upper Dam on the Bog River. Head left for a short walk to lovely Hitchins Pond and head right to climb the mile-long hiking trail to Low’s Ridge for spectacular views of the Bog River Valley and High Peaks. The elevation gain is about 450 feet.

Between the long drive to the Low’s Ridge – Upper Dam Trail and the trail itself, there are many diverse habitat areas, including lakes, ponds, deciduous, mixed, and boreal forests, bogs, marshes, brooks, and rivers. Many warbler species breed in this area including Northern Waterthrush, Palm, and Canada Warblers. Other boreal species include Common Loon, Black-backed Woodpecker, Merlin, Olive-sided, Yellow-bellied, and Alder Flycatchers, Philadelphia Vireo, Gray Jay, Boreal Chickadee, Lincoln’s Sparrow, and Evening Grosbeak. Bald Eagles are often observed fishing at Hitchins Pond.

Additional information: Bicycles can be used on the dirt road trail.