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Skyline Ice Cream has been a staple in Tupper Lake for over 30 years, serving up cool treats on hot summer days. Kim and Nelson Landry have owned and operated the iconic ice cream stand for quite some time and have maintained this local legend. They have developed a reputation for amazing soft serve ice cream cones, huge sundaes, and other delicious desserts.

The large Adirondack chair on the lawn has become a popular picture spot as you enjoy your ice cream, and there is space to let the kids run around and enjoy summer evenings. After a day of adventuring and exploring Tupper Lake, the only way to close the day is to order a soft serve or sundae at Skyline and watch the sunset.

Skyline Ice Cream is known for a myriad of delicious finds, but here are my top 5.

The classic soft serve ice cream cone

At Skyline, all of their soft serve ice cream is homemade and delicious. You can’t go wrong with ordering a classic twist. Chocolate and vanilla twisted together on a cone is the best and most historic combination. The thick and creamy soft serve ice cream at Skyline is sure to leave you wanting more. Add some sprinkles to your cone if you are feeling wild!

A mother and child order an ice cream cone at the window of Skyline Ice Cream.

A Skyline sundae

The Skyline sundaes are known for their size, and are definitely made with no skimping on the toppings! Flavors range from raspberry cheesecake sundaes to Reese's peanut butter cup sundaes, and more. Soft serve ice cream, flavored sauces, toppings, all finished off with whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry. They are definitely big enough to share, or have a sundae for dinner!

Skyline Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Sundae!

The big ADK chair

The big red Adirondack chair at Skyline has quickly become a popular photo spot, and a playground for kids. Grab your ice cream order, then climb into the chair for a classic family photo. If you went to Skyline and didn’t take a photo in the big red ADK chair, were you really at Skyline?

Funnel cake fries

Not into ice cream? Straight from the fryer are funnel cake fries. Deep fried deliciousness covered in powdered sugar. What’s not to love?! If you aren’t a dessert person at all, I’ve heard Skyline’s deep fried cheese curds are to die for. I haven’t tried them because I can never turn down ice cream, but rumor has it they are amazing!

A girl enjoys funnel cake fries at a picnic table outside of Skyline.

Black raspberry & maple

Two classic homemade soft serve ice cream flavors have helped put Skyline Ice cream on the map! Black raspberry soft serve has quickly become something Skyline, and the Adirondacks, are known for. I have tried a lot of black raspberry ice cream, and I may be biased, but I think Skyline has the best of the best. You will have to try it to find out for yourself.

Maple ice cream is another flavor that has become popular as well. In March, the Adirondacks are known for boiling maple syrup, but in the summer, we are known for maple soft serve ice cream! Order either flavor alone, or twisted with vanilla for an extra creamy cone.

Spend the day in the sun, fuel up with a delicious dinner, top it off with a dessert from Skyline, then rest your head in one of our comfy beds, and do it all again the next day! Nothing says summer like Skyline.