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Tupper Lake locals, Taylor Roberge and Josh Pickering, wake up an hour earlier to live an hour more. Josh says, “Going out in the morning to go fishing is beautiful because the Adirondack sunrise is really hard to beat. It's so peaceful; it's just you, the lake, and wildlife. It creates a great day!” Taylor provides some reassurance for those hesitant to set an early morning alarm to go for an adventure. She says, “I'm definitely not a morning person. I like my sleep, but when I finally got out here today at 5:30 in the morning, it made it worth it pulling up on the lake and coming out and seeing the fog roll across the lake with the sunrise."

a man and woman fish from a boat on the water with morning fog

This morning, the duo are fishing on Simon Pond, which is connected to Tupper Lake and the Raquette River. Josh says it is a great spot to fish because, “there's shallow weed flats and deeper spots where you can troll or jig. And there's other spots with weeds in the back where you can fish for bass.” Josh is the most experienced between the pair, but that didn’t stop Taylor from catching the only fish of the day. 

A woman catches a medium size fish in the early morning light

Taylor says, “I definitely don't have the knowledge behind fishing like Josh does. But I watch him (Josh), I watch everybody that I fish with and I learn from there.” It's clear that there is immense skill involved in fishing, but sometimes there is a bit of luck involved.

Taylor and Josh were both introduced to fishing by their fathers. Taylor’s dad lured her into fishing as a way to spend time together. He said, “If you want to hang out, you better come along fishing with me.” Every time she catches a fish, she still reacts like a little kid. As for Josh, his father got him into fishing when he was young, around 3 years old. He’s been doing it ever since. He says, “I’ve always been hooked on fishing. Every year, I fish through the ice, in a boat. I fish all year round. It is always a great feeling being out just fishing, but when you actually hook into a fish, there's something about it that just gets your blood flowing and it's a hard feeling to beat.”

Sunrise view from Simon Pond, with low, pink clouds and green trees

Best reasons to fish at dawn 

Fishing in the morning is arguably one of the best times to go fishing due to a couple of reasons. For one, the number of insects flying around is at its height in the morning, making it the ideal time for fish to feed. This means if you see a swarm of insects hovering over the water, there’s a good chance you’ll find some fish. Another reason to fish at dawn is the importance of low light conditions for some fish, like bass. Most species of fish have a fixed pupil size, which means they are light sensitive and can’t adapt to changing light conditions. In the fishing community, there are a host of other reasons based on myth and science on what time of day is best for fishing. Among other things, you won’t have to worry about a sunburn.

Aerial view above a fishing boat on a blue lake with a nearby island with pine trees

Come to Tupper Lake and get hooked!

Tupper Lake is full of recreational opportunities. Taylor says, “No matter what season you come into town, there's always something to do whether it’s snowmobiling, fishing, or hiking. You can never be bored here if you take advantage of what is given to you. You have to explore, you have to find different things to do, and go out of your comfort zone.” That includes waking up at dawn to go fishing, even if you are not a morning person like Taylor. Getting out there is the reward. Catching a fish is just a bonus.

So what are you waiting for? Go rent a canoe or kayak at Raquette River Outfitters, cast a line, paddle the Tupper Lake Paddling Triad, and just savor every second on the water. Enjoy all the views you get to have in this beautiful place. The best part is you don't need to experience everything in one morning! Stay for awhile, catch up on local fishing gossip at a diner, and reel in the good times.

The lake water glows pink in the early morning sun as a man and a woman fish from a boat

This story is a feature of Dawn Patrol, a series of videos created by Adirondacks, USA, highlighting incredible locals as they share their passion for their favorite outdoor activity and the Adirondacks.

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