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Golf has been a staple in the Tupper Lake community since 1932 when the Tupper Lake Golf Course was established. Generations of Tupper Lake locals, and regular visitors have golfed on the eighteen-hole course, and the course side restaurant has been a fixture for weekend dinners out. Parents have taught their children, grandparents have taught grandchildren, and aunts and uncles have taught nieces and nephews about the wonderful sport of golf. The rules, the etiquette, the dress code, how to swing a club, and how to have fun are all aspects of the game that we learn from our elders on the course.

Golf is one sport where the older you are, the more experience and talent you bring to the course! The Tupper Lake Golf Club is family friendly, with Golf Pro Evan offering lessons for those just starting out. The Pro Shop also has club rentals, for those just testing the waters before they buy their own set of clubs.

Nick and his grandfather pose on the #1 tee.

Nick and his grandfather Steve have been a regular twosome on the course for the last seven years. Steve started golfing thirty years ago when he was in his thirties. He also coached the golf team at Tupper Lake High School for a number years and has become a talented golfer. When his grandson Nick found an interest in golf, Steve took him under his wing and showed him the ropes. Nick’s golf talent grew quickly and he became hooked on the game.

At times during the summer Nick would play twenty-seven holes of golf in one day; he still can’t get enough of the game. When he isn’t out playing the course, he is working in the pro shop or out taking care of the course. Nick says he is very thankful to have his grandfather to help him learn the game of golf. Having his grandfather around has definitely strengthened his love for the sport and created a life long passion.

Nick standing next to the pin on the 18th hole.

Recently, Nick hit a milestone on the golf course that few people conquer during their time playing the sport. On the 18th hole, Nick teed off and got his first hole-in-one! The 18th hole is a par 3, and it is a popular hole for people going for the-hole-in-one as bystanders can watch from the Lookout Bar & Grille, the on-course restaurant that overlooks that 18th hole.

Nick picking his hole in one ball out of the cup on the 18th hole.

The Tupper Lake Golf Club is unique in that it provides mountain views and glimpses of Tupper Lake around each corner. The golf course provides a challenge for every type of golfer and is a great course to learn the game as a beginner. Grab your kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews and head to the Tupper Lake Golf Club this summer. You never know, the next Tiger Woods could be in your family!

While you're here, grab a bite to eat, and check out our local shops! Tupper Lake has everything you need for your next family golf getaway. Check out www.tupperlakegolf.com to schedule your tee time.