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This blog was originally published in 2020 and updated in 2022.

The Holidays are Here at Larkin's Junction Depot

In my family, it isn’t Christmas — or any holiday, for that matter — without a French-Canadian meat pie, or tourtière. I got the recipe from my stepdad, who got it from his mom, and though it is easy to make, I'll tell you two things: one, I'm not sharing the recipe and two, sometimes you just don't feel like cooking. So what's a person with a craving for flaky pie crust and savory, meaty goodness to do? You go to Larkin's Junction Depot!

Located in Tupper Lake at the old railroad junction, near the former railroad station, Larkin's Junction Depot has been in business for more than twenty years and has always been a family-run business, now in it's second generation of foodie goodness. Always delightful, where else can you can grab awesome hot foods (like meat pie), baked goods, and even a Christmas tree or two, all in one place?

Larkin's is run by Mary Kathleen Larkin and her husband, Steve. Mary's parents started the business and she grew up working there. Mary and Steve were living away from Tupper Lake, but coming back for the summer to help her parents out turned into a permanent move home. As far as culinary delights are concerned, Mary's return has been great for Tupper Lake!

Popular with busy locals on the go and hungry visitors, Larkin's is more than just a convenience store, with a deli and bakery that serves up hot homemade goodies for every meal of the day. Tupper Lake is famous for donuts and Larkin's has donuts aplenty - fresh, hot, and sweet. Want something for breakfast with more oomph? Go for the mega cinnamon roll or a hot and hearty breakfast sandwich. Breakfast sandwiches are among the many items that Larkin's has as grab and go items, so if you're in a rush to get back on the road, you don't have to sacrifice a really good breakfast.

For those looking ahead to lunch and dinner, or even just a treat, the options are always bountiful. A visit to the deli and bakery means a wide and ever-varying array of hot meals, or meals that are ready to grab and take home or to your vacation cabin to heat up (local parents swear by this option!). You never know what you might find on the menu, but recent options have included sausage and tortellini soup, giant pulled pork sandwiches (seriously, you can feed a family or Paul Bunyan on one), pot roast, lasagna, and cheeseburger chowder. Yes, I said cheeseburger chowder. I know you want to go right now, but keep reading, because there's more yumminess ahead.

Hungry yet? Good, now let's talk dessert. Sweet treats, snacks, delicious delicacies of sugary goodness, it's all at Larkin's. Mary and her team bake awesome giant cookies, deep fruit pies, sweet breads like pumpkin swirl, plump whoopie pies, and so much more. Buy one cookie or a boxful; they're perfect and you can tell they're homemade. Everything at Larkin's is made in-house and is packed with hearty flavors and robust ingredients, often from secret family recipes passed down through the generations (hint: the tourtière!). Mary and her family take pride in being able to offer homemade and affordable treats for their community, from summer visitors to folks heading to work on a cold winter day.

As December rolls around and you're rolling around town, you won't be able to miss Larkin's: it's the place with all of the pretty Christmas trees, evergreen gnomes, wreaths, and kissing balls outside! Mary's mom makes all of the wreaths, kissing balls, and the gnomes, which are new this year. They're cute and friendly and help brighten the snowy days. You'll find great, affordable prices on the seasonal greenery at Larkin's, so don't be afraid to make this year the one you put up an extra tree, just for the fun of it. The holiday season is the Larkin's favorite time of year and that good cheer and love shows!

Mary and her family are always working on something new to make the business better, more fun, and unique. 2020 saw Larkin's expand their offerings of hot dinners and to-go meals and that has stayed strong. Also in 2020, Boulevard Wine & Spirits moved in as a neighbor and the addition has been great for everyone. Now, you can pick up dinner, dessert, and a nice bottle of wine to go with it all as a tasty way to end your day.

For homemade food that will fill you up, warm your heart, and satisfy the whole family, make Larkin's Junction Depot your new regular stop. Don't forget to try the meat pie and enjoy all of the winter fun that Tupper Lake has to offer.