Taking a downtown day


Tupper Lake has a downtown that is a charming mix of historic architecture, artisan shops, and lumberjack dining. To locals it is "uptown", but really it’s our "downtown" to a visitor. I'm not the only one who thinks so, of course. I asked several people about their favorite places along Park Street and the side streets leading from it.

I had a lot of fun hearing people's favorite places. Below are some of the gems people shared with me.

Start the day right

For me, breakfast at Swiss Kitchen is essentially Tupper Lake. This is where the locals go, and the walls feature historic photos, newspaper clippings, and antique tools from Tupper Lake's past. This is a must-stop for my father-in-law when he visits.

I think it's the homemade pie. There are usually several choices, and pie makes a fine finish to their lunch.

The walls of the Swiss Kitchen are like a mini-museum of Tupper Lake history.

My mother-in-law, on the other hand, loves the ambiance of breakfast or lunch at Well Dressed Food Company. This is a store, deli, and gift shop where it is dangerous to browse when you are hungry.

Well Dressed Food Company has service and plenty of goodies to take home, too.

Almost everyone told me to remind visitors of the famous donuts of The Washboard Donut Shop & Laundromat. They are a must-see downtown location.

Browse the unusual

Whether or not you have laundry to do, The Washboard Donut Shop & Laundromat is also home to Shenandoah Indian Arts and Crafts. They carry many beautiful objects, from paintings and sculptures to crafts of the Adirondacks.

Art inspired by the Six Nations.

A six minute walk farther down Park Street will bring you to Cabin Fever Floral & Gifts. This charming store is packed with fascinating items. I purchased some of the alpaca wool-covered homemade soaps as stocking stuffers one year. For the next several months, friends asked where I had gotten them.

Cabin Fever offers Adirondack crafts, jewelry, plants and flowers, and often, surprises.

A new choice downtown, and already popular, The Tupper Arts Center has a gift shop open in the afternoon. They feature the work of local artists, as seen in the header photo. Artists also staff the store, so you might be able to talk to the actual artist who created the piece you are interested in.

Take a break

If you are in the mood for gourmet sophistication, my neighbors are big fans of Amado Bakery and Bistro. If they want a couple's brunch or fancy dinner, this is one of their favorite spots.

Amado's has a cute little corner location and plenty of choices. As seen here, they participate in our EATADK specials program in May each year.

Craft beer fans have a place downtown with Big Tupper Brewing. They have a dizzying array of pub food, from many specialty burgers to creative entrees. A friend who belongs to a group of cross-country skiers reports that they love to ski the great trails in the area, and then fortify themselves here.

Big Tupper Brewing is a lively place for lunch or dinner.

Craving Italian? Now you must visit Little Italy.

Find the nature

For something extraordinary, make an appointment at Casagrain Gallery. While their downtown gallery is open year-round, the hours might vary. It is owned by a husband and wife duo. He does all the paintings and she creates handcrafted frames for them. It's a wonderful way to take some Tupper home, but do call ahead before you visit.

Find your own "Rustic Nature" at Casagrain Gallery.

Even when it isn't Christmas, the Trillium Gift Shop & Florist, which features a lot of Christmas oriented decorations and gifts, is a treasure hunting destination for my friend who works downtown. Trillium has all kinds of Adirondack decorative items and many special treats.

Trillium Gift Shop & Florist has all season gifts and goodies to choose from.

A mid-winter afternoon is a great time to walk through the Tupper Lake Municipal Park. It is right downtown on the shores of Tupper Lake, the lake. There is a gazebo to cuddle in, a sweep of scenic vistas, and wonderful vantage points for stunning photos.

An excellent nature stop on a sunny afternoon.

As night creeps up, stash the shopping bags and find a place for dinner. Eating in Tupper Lake is just as exciting as the shopping is.

Start shopping for a place to stay. While you're here, end the day with a gorgeous sunset with the help of this blog, Three great sunset spots.