Camping is for every body

All Access or Total Tent


The Tupper Lake area is a great place for camping choices, from a cookout with all access to the sunny forest paths and deep blue waters of one of our most beautiful NYS campgrounds.

Camping is a great way to enjoy nature's finest scenery along with the world's best gourmet sauce that is the invisible ingredient of all meals eaten outdoors. Whether you are dreaming of the ultimate al fresco lunch or a long getaway, unplugged, this section of the Adirondacks offers campground crowd-pleasers.

Wheelchair wild

Bring the whole family to John Dillon Park, which has ramps and crushed stone paths to connect nine lean-to sites with an all-access fishing dock and hiking paths. Stay overnight in a real Adirondack lean-to which has a fold-down bed-shelf that will accommodate any kind of mattress pad. There's a fireplace and picnic table at each site, with battery carts to recharge wheelchairs and other medical equipment if needed.

Everyone is welcome at this unique all-access site in the Adirondacks.

Catch sight of the raptor family who resides at Osprey Point overlook. This has been a continuous feature of Grampus Lake for over 18 years. Everyone can explore fishing from the dock, which has removable wood bumpers and carpeted deck for easy boat transfers. The ramp at the end of the dock allows people to easily drive their chair onto the site's pontoon boat for a ride around the lake.

There are over three miles of trails which are accessible to everyone from brand-new toddlers to anyone with mobility challenges. The steepest grade is 8% over a very short section of trail, while most of the trails are under a 6% grade. This is very impressive when compared to a normal accessible ramp which is 10% grade. The Welcome Center is fully staffed, delivers firewood as needed, and are happy to answer questions about this very special place.

A classic Adirondack setting, with lean-to, with all access to every part of the camp.

John Dillon Park is a wonderful way to make someone's outdoor dreams come true.

Bring your home

If your dream is to park your RV and put the key away for the rest of the vacation, Blue Jay Campsite is a stellar destination. The Scotti family have operated the complex since 1946.

A timeless spot, no matter what the latest camping tech may be.

They have their own marina with rentals, laundromat, camp store, swimming beach, and playground. Play the way that suits you and your family, whether it's a long stay in your RV or a weekend in a tent.

Blue Jay Campsite has their own marina, swimming area, and camp store.

They are located right on the shore of Tupper Lake so everything else is right around the corner — if you can tear yourself away.

Hit the beach

Little Wolf Campground and beach is another fine choice, offering campsites along the shore of Little Wolf Pond. Walk to the public observatory, play basketball and volleyball, grab a bite at the snack shack, and enjoy the free Sunday night movies with the family.

Plenty of sandy beach to let out that inner sculptor or architect.

Everything an Adirondack beach should be.

The town beach provides plenty of new friends of all ages. Whether local or from far away, people fall in love with this place and come back, year after year. Firm up family bonds or make new ones with a romantic beach walk backlit by one of their famous Tupper Lake sunsets, since Little Wolf has low light pollution and perfect positioning for that western exposure.

Plenty of water fun, from boating to swimming.

It is also a popular summer location for many fun events which happen all season.

Next to nature

Immerse yourself in nature at Fish Creek State Campground, nestled in some of the most pristine and scenic areas of the Adirondacks. All kinds of boating and paddling, fishing and hiking, and so many sites with your own water views.

All kinds of boating at Fish Creek State Campground. And bring the doggie!

This gorgeous chunk of the Adirondacks is built around a natural sand shoreline, and there are passages between Square Pond and Fish Pond for days of paddling exploration. It shares hiking trails and access with Rollins Pond State Campground. The organized recreation activity program happens daily at the amphitheater, which includes nature hikes, crafts, games, and live entertainment.

Hiking trails right at the campground, such as Otter Hollow Loop and Floodwood Loop, and a fine, secluded, trout pond.

So much nature for the exploring at Fish Creek State Campground.

We aren't kidding about the popularity of this campground complex. Jump in and and book early.

When you are ready to leave the campfire, there's lots of dining. Expand those nature explorations with many attractions. Need something? Plenty of shopping.