5 Reasons to Learn to Golf at the Tupper Lake Golf Club

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Recently I spoke to two young Tupper Lake golfers and found out what they love about the Tupper Lake Golf Club. During our conversation it was easy to see their passion and love for the sport and their hometown golf course. 

Having some fun at The Burgundy Steakhouse
Having some fun at The Burgundy Steakhouse

“I really like playing because there is always something to get better at or something to work on; and sometimes you don’t even realize you are getting better — because it's just a fun summer pastime,” said Riley. 

We were on the topic of getting new golfers to try the sport, and join the club, and the boys quickly came up with 5 great reasons why you should try out the sport at the Tupper Lake Golf Club.

5 reasons to learn to golf at the Tupper Lake Golf Club

Look at that view!
Look at that view!

1. The course is one of the best in the area

Riley and Nick both agreed that the Tupper Lake Golf Course is one of the best in the north country. Out of all the schools they play during the golf season, and all the courses they get to see, it’s no doubt Tupper Lake’s course is among the best. “It gets mowed almost every morning and the watering system works well, it’s always in great shape.” Another factor is the great fairway views you will have while playing. Mountain views surround you and make the course that much nicer.

Head pro, Evan LaBarge
Head pro, Evan LaBarge

2. The Pros are really helpful 

“Evan and Kris are the best! They love to help, they will go out of their way to teach you something or show you what you are doing wrong, and you can tell they want to see kids starting to play golf.” Nick and Riley had nothing but praise for The Head Pro, Evan LaBarge, and Assistant Pro, Kris Clark, when they were talking about them. 

3. Affordable 

To join such a nice club, the price is pretty affordable. “We love it because high schoolers can play all the golf we want for $100.” Riley said he played golf about fifty times last year — you could say he got his money's worth! There are different priced memberships for different aged groups, etc., to be a member of the golf club.

Quick stop for a photo on the green.
Quick stop for a photo on the green.

4. Relaxed course

The boys agreed the course is super relaxed and this makes it a great place to learn. “Nobody judges you, and if you aren’t that good right off the bat, everyone likes to help instead of rushing you along.” This makes the whole golf experience fun and makes you want to come back again and again. 

5. Affordable lessons from Evan & Kris

Anyone can sign up for a lesson from Evan or Kris, and they are very affordable especially for the amount of knowledge you will gain from them. Everyone says they are great teachers and you get way more out of the lesson than you pay for. Contact the pro shop to set up your lesson. 

New This Year

Check out this new initiative!
Check out this new initiative!

A new initiative this year at the golf course is the ability to sponsor a golfer. The course is looking to grow the junior golfer population. Every $100 donation gives a child (high school-aged or younger), a membership and all the assets needed to enjoy the game of golf. If you are interested in sponsoring a kid or looking to be sponsored, contact the pro shop. 

Once you are done your round of golf, refuel with a great meal from The Burgundy Steakhouse, located at the golf course. Then, find a place to stay and enjoy Tupper Lake. 

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