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The history of a town pub

Where It All Began

Joseph "P-2" LeBlanc
Joseph "P-2" LeBlanc

Joseph LeBlanc bought a pub in Tupper Lake in 1966, not knowing the history he would create to this day. I had the chance to sit and chat with Michelle LeBlanc, Joseph’s daughter and current owner of P-2’s Irish Pub, and learn about the history that sits on the corner of Main Street and Pine Street in Tupper Lake. 

Joseph, the smallest of nine children, had many nicknames — the most famous being “P-2.” This name was originated from his aunt, who called him “her little pitu” because he was the tiniest of the bunch. Over the years the nickname transformed into P-2 (the dash was very important to him; don’t forget the dash). 

Originally in 1966, the pub was opened under the name Al’s Lounge, with the slogan being “Meet you at P-2’s.” When Michelle took over the pub in 2006, she reopened it under the name P-2’s Irish Pub. It had been her father’s dream to own and operate an Irish Pub, and the pub already had some Irish characteristics. In fact, back when P-2 owned Al’s Lounge, two sisters from Ireland were visiting Tupper Lake and came into the pub. They thought right away it was an Irish Pub and claimed it looked like it was straight out of Ireland. The pub had (and still has) green leather walls, and orange, white, and green tiles across the ceiling, with orange booths and a big oak bar. After the sisters remarked about how Irish the bar was, P-2’s dream was to reopen it as an authentic Irish Pub. Because he was never able to do so, Michelle made it her mission in 2006 when she took over. 

P-2's daughter Michelle, behind the bar.
P-2's daughter Michelle, behind the bar.

Michelle now runs the authentic Irish Pub with one of the main events of the year being “St. P-2’s Day.” Starting in 2009, the year P-2 passed away, the St. P-2’s Day event has taken the place of the St. Patrick’s Day party that was always held at the Pub. There is live music, door prizes throughout the day, food, and a lot of Irish cheer. Donations to local organizations are also made from the money made throughout the day. The event has garnered so much attention that people call ahead to reserve a pub table for the night! 

Also Happening At The Pub

Michelle started a year-long music series, broken up into summer and winter music schedules. Every weekend there is a live band featured at the Pub. The Franklin Dairy, which was a milk plant, was located right behind the Pub. Since then it has been bought and turned into The Franklin Dairy Music Hall, where P-2’s Irish Pub can host their bigger concert events. The music hall is also suitable to host large parties or reunions. 

The new outdoor garden space.
The new outdoor garden space.

In 2011, side patio doors were put into the pub and the lawn area was redone adding an outside sitting space and a place for bands to play outside. During a summer night the lawn can be seen filled with people enjoying live music. 

Stay up to date with all things happening at P-2’s Irish Pub on our events calendar, find a place to stay, and enjoy Tupper Lake. 

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