Snow Dreams

So many choices


It's not too early to start dreaming of the white stuff. Our snow is something special.

Here in the Adirondacks, snow isn't something that's mushy and ugly and just gets in our way. Our snow is fluffy and pretty, and it creates a superhighway to many thrilling forms of fun.

Experience the difference.

Go fast

Let your snowmobile roam our network of trails, from deep woods to dizzying expanses of blue sky. Corridor 7, the main north-south route that passes through Tupper Lake itself, uses the old railroad tracks to reach many different areas, including on-trail dining and lodging choices.

Modern snowmobiles are easy to learn and comfortable to ride, right down to the heated handlebars and automatic transmissions.

Lots of thrills and not that many chills with our snowmobiling.

It's a great way to find a lot of stunning scenery, photogenic vistas, and enjoyable dining. If you haven't experienced our particular North Country form of enjoying the outdoors yet, put Tupper Lake on your destination list for this winter.

Another classic way of letting the scenery go by is getting down the mountain with skis, snowboard, or tube. Tupper Lake is beautifully situated to explore a broad range of skiing and riding.

From the hometown atmosphere of Mount Pisgah to the triple mountains of Titus, there are plenty of ways for all kinds of skiers, riders, and newbies to experience our special alpine winter. The dry air and bright sunshine is a whole new way of enjoying winter that is surprisingly comfortable and exhilarating.

We have all levels of alpine skiing and even tubing for those who like to get their thrills while sitting down.

Tubing is an enjoyable activity for any skill level — just sit down and enjoy. This is a great choice for snow beginners, families with young children, and couples looking for a low-key way to dip their boots in the snow. Don't forget the hot chocolate before and after.

Hot chocolate is at its best when we come in from a frosty day.

Go slow

If you want to take it easy, there are plenty of ways to enjoy winter with a contemplative angle. Like ice fishing, or "Little House on the Ice."

Nothing like the long and lazy times in the ice fishing shanty.

Anglers don't let hard water stop them. A cozy shanty is a fine way of keeping a watch on the lines in the water, and catching up with friends and family above the water. Join these temporary villages, which pop up with stoves and coolers, lanterns and four-wheelers, creating a miniature town where people swap recipes and tell fish tales.

What happens in the shanty stays in the shanty, or so I hear.

Snowshoeing puts any trail back on the maps of places to go. Minutes to learn and a lifetime to enjoy, snowshoeing is the simplest, and cheapest, equipment that opens up so much of the winter outdoors. Try it on a trip to The Wild Center, where you can enjoy complimentary snowshoes with your admission and take to their own nature trails.

Spend time together in our quiet forests, where the loudest sound is the crunch of snow.

This is also an option that welcomes the four-legged friends. It's a great way to wear out a big rowdy dog, or bring a backpack for a smaller dog who is going to get tired before we do. (Remember to clean up after them.) From a lakeside park to the top of a mountain, all of our nature is still wonderfully accessible.

If cross-country skiing beckons, explore the groomed trails at the Tupper Lake Groomed XC Ski Center, which is the golf course in warmer weather. This trail system is free and dog friendly, a relaxing way to explore six main trails. There are full moon ski parties with bonfires and convivial companions.

Plan to attend one of their “Skiing with the Stars” events, when the Adirondack Public Observatory brings out telescopes. View the bright winter skies and look forward to the “Brew-Ski,” which features opportunities to sample local brews.

Go your own speed

Even if you and your group are starting from scratch when it comes to winter adventure, there's an easy solution. Craft your own fun with the help of our Adirondack guides. They have the equipment, the expertise, and the passion to get you started with confidence.

Or maybe you take downtime very seriously, and simply want to explore our walkable village, lakeshore, art and cultural venues, artisan shops, and find favorite treats and places to kick back. This is another aspect of winter enjoyment with a long and honorable history.

Work up that appetite and then satisfy it with our goodie selection.

Thanks to Tupper Lake's lumberjack tradition, it's a great place to combine any kind of winter play with hearty fueling up, as required. In Tupper Lake, there's reason to celebrate every turn of the seasons, and to revel in each ones greatest hits.

As our incredibly colorful fall cools into the diamond brightness of winter, consider how much you can actually enjoy winter, when you do it right.

Experience winter in a spectacular way.

Experience can make "fun in the snow" something that isn't a contradiction in terms. Come on up and consult our experts.

You might just be surprised.

Choose a place to snuggle in. Choose a place to feast in. Choose from our many outdoor choices.

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