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Come In June-It's Still Quiet

July and August are peak season for travelers to visit the Adirondacks. This is our busiest time of year, with people hiking, biking, boating, shopping, and enjoying all the mountains have to offer. Stores and trails become filled with Adirondack travelers. It makes for a lot of excitement throughout the summer, compared to our quieter winter roads. And, while busy is good, coming earlier in June and beating the rush is even better.

First of all, you get the first look at everything new we have to offer for this summer season. Check out our new restaurants, or walk our newly constructed Park Street. With the new eateries in town, you will not go hungry. Find out all the new secrets before the peak travelers come through. After Memorial Day weekend, all of our seasonal businesses are up and running for the summer, so you might as well get up here to check them out first! 

Rise in restaurants

New for summer 2017! Throughout our fall and winter months, Tupper had a resurgence in the restaurant business.

Big Tupper Brewing reopened its doors offering a pub menu with multiple takes on Adirondack classic meals.

Amado Bakery & Bistro opened and has offered Tupper Lake a delicious option for fine dining. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, they have been a great asset to the Tupper dining scene.

The Burgundy Steak House at the Tupper Lake Golf Course has opened under new management, giving Tupper Lake yet another delicious meal option.

Raquette River Brewery is in the process of adding on an outdoor pavilion to add more space in which to accommodate live music and the many people who stop in to try their craft beer. They are expecting construction to be done for the start of our summer season.  

New At The Wild Center

Along with the famous Wild Walk and numerous other activities at The Wild Center, there have been new exhibits added for you to visit this summer. 


iForest Trail
iForest Trail

Opening on Memorial Day weekend, iForest adds the human voice to the forest symphony, creating a deeper connection to the environment and allowing you to connect as part of nature. Featuring music composed specifically for the forest trail at The Wild Center, contemporary British composer Pete M. Wyer’s work comes through 24 independent speakers secluded along the iForest trail. Wyer’s unique four-part choral work, I Walk Towards Myself, which is sung in the ancient Mohawk language, features voices moving around the woodland. Become one of the first visitors to experience the iForest Trail in June! 

Augmented Reality Sand Table

This sand table exhibit uses 3D visualizations to teach topics including earth science in a new interactive way. Visitors are able to get their hands dirty and manipulate the landscape to form mountains, lowlands, and rivers. As the sand is moved contour lines are formed to match the elevation created. There is even a way to create a rain storm and see how water flows off of the created environment. It is exciting to see how technology can help us understand complex concepts involving watersheds, geology, and geography. This exhibit, along with multiple other hands-on exhibits are waiting for you at the Wild Center this summer! 


Early Summer Paddling
Early Summer Paddling

If you come in June before the rush, you'll have your choice of rentals from kayaks, to canoes, to stand up paddle boards. Paddling is best when the lake isn't busy with boats, leaving the water calm and peaceful to paddle. We also offer multiple state camp sites along the lake, some of which are first-come, first-served. In June you will have a greater opportunity to claim these sites. During the busier months, it's a bit harder to land the more popular sites. Of course, if you're a planner - not a gambler - you can always call ahead and make reservations at one of our campgrounds

I love paddling trips in the early summer because I get to see everything starting to pop along the lake. Trees are turning bright green, and plants are popping with color. It is a beautiful time to explore our waterways. 

Along with paddling, hiking is also great in early June. Having the trail to yourself is one of the best feelings. Reaching the summit, being able to sit and relax peacefully is one of my favorite things about hiking before the rush season. I don't mind meeting people along the trail and chatting, but what is better than having a mountaintop to yourself? Come hike with us this June and experience what it’s like to have a mountain to yourself.

Ready to discover Tupper Lake?

June in the Adirodacks is one of my favorite times of the year. There is such an excitement and energy as everyone soaks up the sun, puts their boats in the water, and grabs a cone from one of the seasonal ice cream stands that we have waited all winter to have reopen! 

Don't miss what we have in store for you in the early summer season. Beat the traffic, get a first glance at everything that's new, and visit Tupper Lake in June. Make your reservation at one of our lodging sites now! 

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