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Okay, ya got me -- it's been much more than just a slice!

We do it every year, we make those resolutions. We say to ourselves, "this year I'm going to start that diet, be healthier, exercise more... yadda, yadda, yadda." After barely surviving the seemingly endless holiday smorgasbord of everything we shouldn't eat, we are ready to turn a new leaf.

Once again, I was sucked into New Year's fuss and declared that "In 2017, we are eating healthier." At the time, it was not because I felt the need to put the whole family on a diet, but simply to just be healthier overall. But that doesn't matter now, because here we are, at the end January and I've broken that resolution once again.

It might be that I shouldn't try to make a resolution for five, or that simply the smell of pizza you sometimes get as you walk down Park Street is simply irresistible, but either way I'm okay with it. Honestly, I really enjoy great food, and even more so, I look forward to enjoying it with those that I love! I also won't lie, I'd much rather be spending powder days out playing in the snow, than in the kitchen.

A little tour of my resolution detour...

Little Italy is one of my favorite go-to places for pizza, wings, and everything Italian. But my favorite are the sliders -- found on the daily specials menu, these delicious little bites of varying filling are made on the house-made garlic knots. YUM! Insider Tip: they pair well with a locally brewed (and tall) Raquette River Brewing IPA.

For a quick burger and awesome homemade fries, I've been busted chowin' down at the fun & funky Ohana's 1950's Diner. Shown above is the signature Ohana's Burger. And my advice, grab an order of deep fried pickles for the whole table to enjoy.

My go-to donut for 2017? We'll that hasn't changed -- it's the maple bacon from the Washboard Donut Shoppe.

I'll spare you the details (and my embarrassment) of all of my delectable indulgences so far in 2017... from great local craft beer from our local breweries to some of the other awesome new dining options, we could be here all day. But rather, I'll just note that I've changed course a bit for my 2017 resolution.  

So here's to my amended (and doable) resolution...

1. Make more time to slow down and truly enjoy the special moments with those I care about (especially over great food).

2. Take every opportunity I'm presented with to get outdoors and have as many adventures as possible. Not only will this burn off those extra calories from that extra slice/beer/donut (or 2), but it's also creating memories that will last well beyond 2017. 

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