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Favorite local swimming spots...

I doubt you'll argue when I say there truly isn’t a more iconic summer activity than swimming! And, though the Adirondacks' summer season may not be as long as we all wish it to be, the list of waterways in and around Tupper Lake is long enough to make up for it. With gorgeous 85-degree days, we can't help but dream about cooling off in our refreshing lakes, ponds, and rivers. So let's make a splash out of the warm days ahead and get right to it.

Now everyone has their own idea of what makes a great swimming spot. Some prefer a nice sandy shore, while others want to jump in and never touch the bottom. Some like a relaxing dip in the lake while others are seeking a thrilling splash. However you roll, I'm sure one of these local swimming holes will call your name.

Beachin' it!

Diving off the "Big Dock" at Little Wolf Beach
Diving off the "Big Dock" at Little Wolf Beach

Is your idea of swimming a relaxing day at the beach? Then we've got just the place for you.

Often referred to as Tupper Lake’s hidden gem, Little Wolf Beach truly is just that — a gem. It's off-the-beaten path location adds to its charm as it provides the beach with the perfect Adirondack backdrop for a day of fun in the sun. But what makes this beach such a sweet swimming hole is the sheer size, fun docks, and family-friendly atmosphere.

Located so close, yet seemingly so far from the demands of everyday life, Little Wolf Beach is the perfect spot to escape, cool off, and you know it: relax. But one of my favorite things about Little Wolf Beach is the atmosphere. It doesn't matter the time of day that my kiddos are playing in the sand, they are likely to meet a new friend — sometimes local, other times visitors. It's amazing to watch kids join together for some good old-fashioned fun. So go grab the chairs, towels, umbrellas, and sunscreen, and make a day of it at Little Wolf Beach

Insider's Tip: Stick around after dusk on Sunday evenings for family movie night under the pavilion.   

A natural water slide like no other

Swimming at Bog River Falls (Katie Stuart photo)
Swimming at Bog River Falls (Katie Stuart photo)

Water slides are fun, but a natural water slide near an iconic old stone bridge is downright awesome! 

Located at the southern point of Big Tupper Lake where the Bog River flows into the lake, you'll find what is simply one of the best natural water slides in the Adirondacks (heck, it might actually be the best!) — Bog River Falls

This location is popular year-round for photographers, anglers, sunbathers, and nature lovers of all varieties. The falls are actually an arrangement of cascading levels. The upper falls split around a small island, while the lower and steeper portion of the falls travel under the bridge (what I refer to as one of Tupper Lake's most photographed landmarks). To find the swimming hole at the Bog River Falls, you will head upstream by following the short trail to the left (eastern) side of the bridge. The slide will bring you down to the middle pool area where you can easily swim out and repeat over and over again! 

Insider's Tip: If it is your first time swimming at Bog River Falls it is advised that you bring someone along that is familiar with swimming at the falls. Like all backcountry swimming locations, don't go at it alone! It is also advised that you wear a life jacket "just in case" and have a spotter waiting in the "middle pool." If the water is high and running fast, please choose a different swimming location. 

How about cliff jumping?

Jumpin' from "The Bluffs" on Big Tupper Lake (Lisa Sciacca photo)
Jumpin' from "The Bluffs" on Big Tupper Lake (Lisa Sciacca photo)

To me there is nothing — and I mean nothing — more exhilarating than jumping off a cliff into the refreshing waters of an Adirondack lake. So if you are a thrill seeker looking for the perfect spot to cool down then we have just the spot for you — "The Bluffs." 

The Bluffs are located on Big Tupper Lake as you follow the channel from the northern end towards Raquette Pond and the Tupper Lake Municipal Park. To the left of the channel, The Bluffs offer up a range of jumping points, starting at about 15 feet off the water and leading up to the highest point at about 30 feet off the water. On a warm summer day, you will most certainly find a few boats and kayaks pulled up, their passengers ready to enjoy the jump or to sit back and envy those with more guts. 

Insider's Tips: Diving is not recommended whenever you are cliff jumping.

If you are looking to camp, there are a few primitive campsites located along the channel near The Bluffs.

Come cool down!

Come cool down in Tupper Lake (Christine Day photo)
Come cool down in Tupper Lake (Christine Day photo)

Make the most out of August and come check out these great swimming holes or get out there and find your own. Grab a canoe or kayak to explore some of the great swimming in coves and islands along the lake, or head upstream up the Raquette River and discover even more great swimming spots along the way! Then after a day on the water head back into town to discover some of the great restaurants, pubs, taverns, and breweries ready to help you refuel and get ready for another day of fun.