We've got stars...

from movies to the real deal


What Speaks to You?

There is something about the Adirondacks that speaks to individuals in different ways. For many it is the obvious reasons — the endless beauty of mountainscapes, waterways, and seemingly limitless outdoor recreational opportunities. For some it might be the close-knit mountain towns that remind you of the theme song from the 80s television sitcom Cheers. (But, might I add, not only do we know your name, we look out for one another as well.) For others it is about the tranquil quietness — the ability to escape daily life and truly retreat to a region where you are surrounded by nature. The mountains offer a new definition of what quiet really is -- it’s a place to reflect, reconnect, and rejuvenate.

High Profile Visitors?

It is reasons such as these that celebrities, well-known politicians, and famous athletes have been known to retreat alongside the local residents in destinations in and around Tupper Lake. This is the part where I would love to start name dropping, but I’ll resist the urge. After all, if predictions are right about one of the elements that drew them here in the first place, it is that the region offers them a wonderful escape from the limelight. Since I’m not privy to their contact info, and can’t drop them a text to confirm, I’ll just make the assumption that they appreciate their anonymity and respect their privacy. 

I will make one exception, only because they made the choice to share it with the world themselves... 

The Wild Center's Facebook post from August 2015 showing actor, Michael Douglas, enjoying the view from eagles nest on the newly opened Wild Walk.

From Big Screen to Silver Screen

Tupper Lake was the filming location for the 2012 sci-fi Cloned:The Recreator Chronicles

In addition to having seen our share of big names wander through our streets and attractions, Tupper Lake has also seen a bit of limelight in the film industry in recent years. Gregory Orr's 2012 sci-fi movie Cloned: The Recreator Chronicles was filmed entirely in Tupper Lake. The movie included iconic paddling shots, island camping, Bog River Falls, and my office even got a little screen time (though it is looking a bit different these days). Oh, and the creepy underground laboratory was shot in the historic OWD factory. I still remember seeing the creepy green lighting shining out through the windows when they were filming. 

Recognize this location? Actor Jamal Mallory-McCree who plays Derek in Cloned: The Recreator Chronicles is trying to escape his clone via a canoe takeout at the popular fishing spot below Bog River Falls.

Then Tupper Lake moved to the silver screen in 2013 when scenes from It's All Bright, starring Paul Giamatti, were shot on the corner of Park Street and Cliff Avenue. However, our biggest claim to fame in the movie industry was when Michael Bay brought our favorite crime-fighting anthropomorphic turtles to the mountainside of Big Tupper Ski Area.

Paramount Pictures films TMNT on Tupper Lake's hometown slopes.

Yes, I'm talking about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael fought out the epic battle scene down our ski slopes in this 2014 Blockbuster. Who needs a snowboard when you can cruise through the glades on your turtle shell?

More stars than Hollywood! 

Celebrities and movies aside, when it comes to stars, what we are most well-known for is the real McCoy! With some of the darkest skies in the northeast, Tupper Lake offers jaw-dropping views of the starry sky above.

View of the night sky from the Adirondack Public Observatory (Marc Staves photo)

This not the sort of stargazing you were dreaming of? Then you have probably never experienced the wonderment of a night sky without the distraction of city lights. Year-round, stargazing is a draw that brings people from near and far to the Adirondacks to enjoy the majestic views of the sky, the surprisingly bright Milky Way, the occasional "shooting star" and more. The best part -- there is no need for fancy equipment, since between what you can view with the naked eye and the opportunities available at the new and growing Adirondack Public Observatory, you will have everything you need to have a spectacular stargazing experience.

The Adirondack Public Observatory (APO) is open to the pubic for free stargazing on the first & third Fridays of the month (weather dependent). During the summer months these free sessions increase to weekly. In addition, year-round you can book a private stargazing session for yourself (and up to 20 of your closest friends) for an affordable price. 

Why Not Come Stargaze with Us?

Whether it is following in the stars' footsteps to escape the nuances of everyday life, exploring your desire to seek out beauty that is worthy of the big screen, or discovering a true, dark-sky-gazing experience, we are sure that your time in Tupper Lake is some that you will never forget. 

* Header Photos - Senator Robert "Bobby" Kennedy's visit to Big Tupper in the mid '60s (Kathleen Bigrow photos - Jim Lanthier collection).

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