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We scoured our blogs for the most popular, most informative, and just downright funniest pieces from the past year. In case you missed them on the first go-round, here are our top 3 picks from the Tupper Lake Region. Enjoy!

#3. Embrace The Mud... Warrior Run Insider's Guide

Participants from all over the Northeast and Canada congregate at Big Tupper each year to push their limits on the one-of-a-kind Warrior Run course. Adrenaline starts pumping as contestants approach the starting line, waiting for their heat to be called and their turn to crawl through waist-deep mud, climb some of the mountain's steepest terrain, cross ice-cold ponds and tackle the many harrowing obstacles, all in the name of fun. Why do the run? These 3 insiders tell all!

Tupper Lake Smurfs on the run.
Tupper Lake Smurfs on the run.

#2. An ADK Badass Across The Seasons - Anne Fleck

To Fleck a Badass Adirondack Woman is someone who "swims ice out to ice in, doesn't mind picking off a few leeches, heats themselves thrice with wood when splitting, stacking, and burning, celebrates winter solstice around the lean-to campfire, and loves winter." If there's a glimmer of open water on the lake, then chances are you'll find Anne Fleck out there paddling... And if she isn't out on the water, then you can definitely find her somewhere in the mountains on skis. Are you this badass?

Just another beautiful ADK day.
Just another beautiful ADK day.

#1. Tupper Lake: Home Of The Lumbersexual?

Over the past few months as Lumbersexual headlines have appeared in your social media feed, you may have found yourself questioning whether you or your guy is one. Maybe you have even taken one of the online quizzes, "How Lumbersexual are you?" or "Are you dating a Lumbersexual?" as you sipped on your morning latte... Take my advice: If you think you, or someone you know, might be a Lumbersexual and are uncertain, don't take an online quiz! Instead, take a look at Tupper Lake. Ready to test your lumbersexualness?

The original home of the Lumbersexual.
The original home of the Lumbersexual.

Well, there you have it... our top blogs of 2015. We sure had fun researching them - we hope you enjoyed reading them! Cheers to a great 2016 ahead!

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