It's what the Adirondacks are all about... 

The Adirondack Park is made up of over 100 unique towns, villages, and hamlets, each boasting their own distinct small-town flare. From the larger household names such as Lake Placid, Lake George and Old Forge, to the smaller one-of-a-kind communities like that of Childwold, NY. It is the combination of villages like these that truly evoke what makes the Adirondacks such a special place.

Welcome to Childwold, NY 

Located on the western side of the Town of Piercefield, you will find the Hamlet of Childwold, New York - population well less than 100. You may have even driven through this small community at one time or another without even noticing, since it is small enough that it doesn't even merit to be a speed trap (in other words, the speed limit does not change from 55 mph as you drive through). But it really is worth slowing down and stopping in to check it out. 

Now, I am not going to try to convince anyone that Childwold is a bustling metropolis by any sense -- but it is a cool little destination to head to (and the drive itself isn't too shabby either).

One of the many scenic vistas you pass as you travel from Tupper Lake, NY to Childwold, NY.

So you are probably wondering why? What is it about Childwold that is worth the approximately 20-minute drive from Tupper Lake next time you are visiting? Well there's many, but here are the top 3 reasons for you to take the drive west to Childwold, New York.

Reason 1 - The Leather Artisan

The sign at The Leather Artisan in Childwold, NY invites travelers to stop in and tour their workshop.

Think about this for a moment... a belt, wallet, purse or briefcase, I'm sure that one of these items are something that you carry or wear on a daily basis. Often you have purchased these items from a large chain retailer, designer, etc. and more than often if you look at the tag it says "made in ________" (fill in the blank with some distant country across the globe). Now, how would you feel if rather than that tag, you actually witnessed your item stitched together in front of your eyes in a shop right here in the United States? This concept may just seem like an idea of the past, but The Leather Artisan in Childwold, NY continues to offer just that... same as they have done for over 30 years now.  

Artisans stitch the ripstop fabric lining for a leather handbag.

In addition to browsing through their selection of beautifully-built leather items, handcrafted jewelry, and gifts, what is really neat about The Leather Artisan is touring their workshop. The friendly owners and staff at The Leather Artisan allow visitors to pop in and tour the workshop. So, whether you are in the market for a new handbag or not, a stop into The Leather Artisan will be well worth your time.

With every purchase, a guarantee...

Reason 2 - The Thirsty Moose Pub & Grub

As a child, I have fond memories of my family and the neighbors (which were in many ways my extended family) heading out to Childwold for a big night out at what was then Dumas's Restaurant. As though it was yesterday, I can still recall the delicious smell, the waitress & her stories about the deer she would feed on her nearby property, the jukebox, and my favorite... a big scoop of vanilla ice cream with real maple syrup that would finish off every meal. Thankfully, those traditions can still live on at the Thirsty Moose Pub & Grub. This iconic restaurant in Childwold, NY is still offering up not only a great experience but some good ol' home cooked food to boot.

The Thirsty Moose Pub & Grub in Childwold, NY

In the winter months, The Thirsty Moose transitions into a snowmobile mecca. With a full bar, restaurant, gas, and even cabins, The Thirsty Moose is truly an all-service station for riders as they connect between Cranberry Lake, Tupper Lake and beyond.

Riders at the Thirsty Moose load their gear onto their sleds in anticipation of another great day of riding (Thirsty Moose photo)

Reason 3 - Childwold Memorial Presbyterian Church

Listed on the National Historic Registry, The Childwold Memorial Presbyterian Church is tucked away on Bancroft Road, so it is something that you would sadly miss if you didn't detour off of Route 3. Built in 1893, this charming little church only measures out at about 25 feet wide and 42 feet long, but what it is lacking in size it makes up in character. 

The Childwold Memorial Presbyterian Church on Bancroft Road in Childwold, NY.

The Childwold Memorial Presbyterian Church was designed and built by architect, William Pond, using an adaptation of the traditional Victorian Queen Anne style architecture. Over the years a variety of restoration projects have helped keep this iconic landmark intact. From its decorative shingle patterns and multi-paned stained glass windows to its steeple and open front porch, the details of this church as it contrasts against the surrounding nature is a sight to see. 

The steeple the Childwold Memorial Presbyterian Church glows in the afternoon sun.

On Sundays from June through August, the Childwold Memorial Presbyterian Church still offers services at 11:00 am. 

Itinerary Add-Ons...

After a good meal, shopping and sight-seeing in Childwold, NY you might be wondering what else there is to do in the area before heading out. Here are few recommendations:

  • Visit the Piercefield Museum and learn about the rich, mill town history of Childwold and the other hamlets that make up the Town of Piercefield.
  • Take a family-friendly hike up Mount Arab and explore the restored fire tower and interpretive ranger cabin.
  • Stop by Piercefield flow for a picnic or to simply take in the breathtaking views.

The autumn colors on Spider Island reflect off the glass like water of Piercefield Flow.

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