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To Sit and Do Practically Nothing!

Ahhh, lazy summer...

As much as I absolutely love winter and spring and I'm currently feeling a little sad to see them — and the skiing — behind us, I have to say that I love the relaxation of summer. 

Summer truly is spectacular time to be in the Adirondacks. But it is more than just the warm days, ice cream cones, and family time that make summer magical. It is also the change of pace that is absolutely refreshing. With the crazy school year schedule of activities and home school behind us, the kids are ready to relax and play, which means things are really starting to quiet down a bit and I absolutely welcome it! So, long story short, although I love winter sports, I actually get the time to sit back and enjoy the warmth of summer.

There's finally time to enjoy this underrated activity!

The gazebo at the Tupper Lake Municipal Park.
The gazebo at the Tupper Lake Municipal Park.

With the seasonal change, I even sometimes find the time to do what I believe has to be one of the most underrated activities...being lazy. Yup, I'm not too proud to admit it: sometimes there's nothing better than being completely 100% lazy. Heck, there are times I fantasize about it. Don't judge me - I'm a mother of three, and I have needs...and right about now that need is to sit down somewhere and do practically nothing!

Eight sweet spots to simply sit and do nothing

My lazy spots are just that...easy spots that you don't have to put a lot of work into getting to just to enjoy them. They are practically drive-to locations. A place where if I only have a few minutes, I can grab a cup of coffee and go sit by myself and soak up the sun, the view, and the silence. On days that I have a little more time, I may grab a blanket, sunglasses, and a good book and then get lost for hours. However you shake it they are great, relaxing spots, and better yet, most of them also double as some spectacular locations to get closer to nature. 

Note from the author: If you have called me or e-mailed me lately and I haven't gotten back to you, odds are it is because my phone is off and I am at one of the following locations. If you see me, please just smile, wave, and then carry on. I promise, I'll get back to you when I'm ready.

1. Piercefield Flow

Let's start in Piercefield, since after all I am a Piercefield girl at heart. The Town of Piercefield is a charming little community (and my childhood stomping grounds) located just a few miles west of Tupper Lake. Right across from the entrance to the Village, you will find "Pump House Road." It might not sound like the road that leads to a spectacular spot to kick back and relax, but it certainly is. (Hmm...maybe naming the road after the pump house has been a stellar way of keeping it a secret, sort of like the old Iceland/Greenland swap-a-roo.)

From this location you can choose to relax on the fishing overlook that sits up over the water, kick-back in the shade of the picnic area, or continue along the peninsula via the short trail to the end - where you feel like you're almost on your own secluded island in the middle of Piercefield Flow. Wherever you decide to plop yourself down to relax, you will quickly realize that this is a truly beautiful location.

2. The Bog

Bog River Falls has to be one of the easiest (and in my opinion prettiest) waterfalls to get to in the Adirondacks, and the beautiful stone bridge that crosses it only enhances the elegance of this location. From the parking area located next to the falls, you can access a variety of herd paths that flank the falls and bring you to a variety of different areas both above and below the falls. From both sides you will easily find a warm rock or shaded spot to relax. 

3. Tupper Lake Municipal Park

The Tupper Lake Municipal Park offers all sorts of cool spots to take the weight off your feet and relax. Grab a seat in the gazebo or find shade in one of the fishing overlooks on the Waterfront Walkway. Grab a blanket and bask in the sun in Flanders Park, or choose your bench along the waterfront. From sunny to shade, active to quiet, you are sure to find a nice spot to stop and be lazy. Speaking of lazy...did you know that the Municipal Park has WiFi? Talk about the perfect place to enjoy some fresh air while you binge-watch your favorite series on Netflix.

4. Horseshoe Pond

Usually when I'm out at Horseshoe Pond it is because I am ready for some recreational fun - whether it be hiking, biking, fishing, or camping. But Horseshoe really has so many beautiful vistas that it is worth just going there to sit and take it all in. Pack up a folding chair (or blanket), a book, and a picnic lunch - then head out on County Route 421 to find your prefect spot to admire the scenery, bird watch, and simply relax.

5. Setting Pole Dam

Setting Pole Dam, more than just great fishing!
Setting Pole Dam, more than just great fishing!

Most well known for its great fishing, Setting Pole Dam along the Raquette River is also a good spot to escape and be lazy. It's a quick drive-to location where I can eat lunch without having to be interrupted by phone calls, e-mails, and walk-ins. Just take Route 3 west of Tupper Lake, turn left onto Setting Pole Dam Road, and follow it to the end. 

6. South Bay on Tupper Lake

Enjoying the shade beneath the towering pines at South Bay
Enjoying the shade beneath the towering pines at South Bay

So if you find yourself heading south on Route 30 from Tupper Lake towards Long Lake, you will notice that at a variety of points the tree line opens up to show of some stellar views of the lake. There are also a variety of "pull overs" so that you can get out and take a moment to capture the view. My favorite is the last one as you are heading out of town: South Bay - it's the one after the double pull-over for both North and South bound traffic. From this pull-over there are a variety of trails that take you through towering pines to sandy shoreline. This is good spot to sit on land or grab a raft and simply float.

7. Moody / Causeway

This one is literally right off the highway. Take Route 30 south out of Tupper Lake, towards Long Lake. Right after Lakeview Lanes Bowling Alley, you will find an awesome little overlook perched over Moody Marsh. As the fall colors start to change, this is a nice pull off... and if you are lucky, from this sight you may even spot a bald eagle or two. 

8. Crossroads Heritage Trail

A new addition to the Tupper Lake scene is this heritage trail, which shares information about both the natural history of the area and the history of the community, including the people and industries that have made Tupper Lake what it is today. It's perfect for a leisurely stroll between uptown and downtown.

A sample of the interpretive signage on the trail.
A sample of the interpretive signage on the trail.

Hurry up and be lazy already!

The warmth of summer only lasts so long. Before we know it, and I hate to say it, temperatures will start to drop, the kids will be back in school, and the hectic holiday season will be upon us. Don't miss your opportunity to embrace the relaxing warmth of lazy summer days. Who knows, after a few days chillin' in the Adirondacks, you might just learn that you are better at being lazy than you thought.

So I have shared many of the great spots where you can quickly sneak away and find a few quiet moments in paradise. But we all have our own secret hideaways and I highly recommend that you find yours as well. It might be right on your porch, off a road somewhere, or it might require a little hiking, paddling, or even bushwhacking to get to. Wherever it may be, when you get there, you know you've found your spot. Now, put the cell phone down, grab a seat and enjoy it. 

Pumpkin Whoopie Pie from Larkin's Junction Depot. Yup, I know... I've got your attention now!
Pumpkin Whoopie Pie from Larkin's Junction Depot. Yup, I know... I've got your attention now!

Insiders' Tip: Before I check out, I have to share one final tip. Don't forget a good snack. Stop at Larkin's Junction Deli & Bakery and check out the homemade treats conveniently located next to the register. From homemade cookies, whoopie pies, or danishes, you are bound to find something you'll love.