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Tupper Lake Treats

Tupper Lake is home to many yummy treats. From laundromat donuts (yes, you read that right), to pastries and beer, Tupper Lake has many must stop spots for when you are in the area. We plan to not overindulge on all the things that we shouldn’t eat and drink. We try to go with the health conscious options, as opposed to the carb-loaded goodness that is staring us in the face. But honestly, it's not fun being good all the time. Sometimes we just need to break down and treat ourselves! One day of overindulgence isn’t going to kill us... if anything, it will just give you one more reason to grab your hiking boots and hit the trails afterwards.

Indulge On This...

Whether it's a beautiful summer day, or a chilly autumn evening, here are 7 treats that you must indulge in when you are dining in Tupper Lake. 

1. Pie

Swiss Kitchen's Dutch Apple
Swiss Kitchen's Dutch Apple

Before I begin, I have to admit that pie is my weakness, especially apple pie. I will buy or make an apple pie and only share a bite (ask my husband). When it comes to pie, Julie’s famous pies at the Swiss Kitchen on Park Street in Tupper Lake slices up to be some of the best I’ve ever had. They feature an ever-changing variety of fresh made home-baked pies daily. Some of their most popular flavors include apple crumble, lemon meringue and coconut cream; however, my personal favorite has to be the Swiss Kitchen's dutch apple. (Check out the size of the slice!)

2. Donuts 

Maple Bacon Donut - The Washboard Donut Shoppe
Maple Bacon Donut - The Washboard Donut Shoppe

Where else can you find a donut shop, laundromat and Indian gift shop all-in-one than at the Washboard Donut Shoppe on Park Street in Tupper Lake? While you wash and browse, make sure to savor one of their delicious old-fashioned cake donuts. There's a variety of mouth-watering toppings ranging from the traditional chocolate, vanilla, and glazed, to fruit flavored toppings like strawberry and blueberry, to my personal favorite - the sweet and savory combo of maple bacon. There are so many flavors that you will need to eat a whole dozen before you have sampled them all! 

3. Pastries

Fresh Baked Pastries - Lakin's Bakery & Deli
Fresh Baked Pastries - Lakin's Bakery & Deli

From cookies and muffins, to donuts, danishes and turnovers, Larkin's Junction Deli & Bakery bakes up some of the tastiest pastries in the Adirondack Park. They offer a different assortment daily, which guarantees there will always be something that will catch your eye. Whether you just want to grab a baked good, a cup of coffee, gas to hit the road, or you're looking to order up a large assortment of goodies for a gathering, this bakery on Main Street in Tupper Lake is the place to stop!


4. Pizza

Pizza - Little Italy
Pizza - Little Italy

After a binge on all things sweet, you will need to wash it down with a great pizza pie. Tupper Lake offers no shortage when it comes to pizza. From take-out pizza joints to dine-in sports bars, and family-friendly restaurants - there are actually so many offerings that I need to take another tour just to focus on pizza.

If Little Italy on Park Street in Tupper is your pizza stop, it is required that you hit the sweet-cart again and check out some of the decadent deserts. No room for desert? No problem - take it to go! Trust me, you will be thankful later!

5. Maple Syrup

Wild Center 100% Pure Maple Syrup
Wild Center 100% Pure Maple Syrup

Pick up some 100% Pure Adirondack Maple Syrup at the Wild Center. The Wild Supply Co. sells the Wild Center's very own Maple Syrup and proceeds from the syrup help to support The Center's educational programs like the Community Maple Project. In addition to the light and dark amber pure maple syrup, you can also pick up a maple gift basket and a variety of maple products including treats like maple coated nuts and maple peanut brittle. But my personal favorite thing to use this syrup for... an ice cream topping. Nothing is better on natural vanilla ice cream than pure Adirondack maple syrup! You can purchase the syrup online also. 

6. Beer 

Nothing removes the day's stress like an ice cold micro-brew from our hometown brewery: Raquette River Brewing. Brewing small batch, hand-crafted Adirondack Ales, Raquette River Brewing offers up to 12 brews on tap at one time. Check it out this fall to try the new maple bourbon brew, we heard it is delicious! Stop in to this sweet brewery for free samples of their amazing beer, speak with the brewers, and grab some growlers or crowlers to go. 

7. Sweets from Spruce & Hemlock Bakery

The bakery grab and go container at Spruce & Hemlock

Recently opened, Spruce & Hemlock Bakery is located right in the Spruce & Hemlock store on Park Street. Offering an array of goodies, the selection changes each day. Homemade breads, turnovers, cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, and muffins are just the start. Pick up a fresh baguette or stop in for a sweet treat. Everything is made right on site by an amazing local baker. I highly recommend the raspberry turnovers, they will have you going back for more! Plus, while you're there you can pick up a souvenir before heading home! 


Plan A Sweet Trip!

Disclaimer: For the purpose of this blog, all of the above products were sampled over the course of a 24-hour period of time (and sampled is an understatement). By the way that I feel today, I highly recommend that you pace yourself over a few days! Plan a trip to Tupper Lake. Browse though our lodging options and find your perfect resting spot for your sinful treats marathon. But don't just let it end with these confections, check out our dining section for a complete list of all the great foods that you can sample when you visit Tupper Lake.