Round Lake

The only way to explore Round Lake is by water. With paddling, birding and camping available, it is difficult to leave until everything has been explored.


Round Lake is located south of Tupper Lake on the way to Long Lake. With multiple camp sites to paddle to and enjoy a rest and picnic, Round Lake is a perfect day trip paddling excursion.

How to get there

Head south on route 30 for 12 miles until Route 30 intersects with Hamilton County Route 10A, or the Sabattis Road. When you reach this intersection, turn west onto Route 30 and continue on until you see the parking area for Round Lake.

Type of Launch

Dirt with steps, no motor boats allowed

Type of Carry

Less than 100 feet

Type of Water

Can get a bit choppy but otherwise mostly calm. Due to its size it can get whitecaps, making paddling much harder.


You never know what type of wildlife you may see around, since there are no motor boats allowed here. Look for arboreal and water birds.


Round Lake is one of the home waters of a unique "heritage" strain of brook trout known as the Little Tupper strain.


Round Lake has eleven 11 primitive camping sites best accessed by water.