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Massawepie Lake
Massawepie Road, Piercefield
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The major boat launch for Massawepie Lake is a very popular destination and over the years has even grown. This lake can be paddled all day and not see all it has to offer. Several narrow bays can give you shelter as well as scenic venues for birding and relaxing.

There is no public access to the Massawepie Easement from June 15 through August 31 of each year as the lake is used by a Boy Scout camp. From September 1 through June 14 the public may recreate by hiking, biking, birding, fishing, and paddling with only non-motorized water travel, subject to New York State rules and regulations.

How to get there

From the intersection of Route 30 and Route 3 in Tupper Lake follow Route 3 toward Piercefield. Drive through Piercefield into Gale and locate the Massawepie Boy Scout Camp on the left. Drive down this dirt road for 1.2 miles to a parking area on the left. 


Access to the Grass River can be tough to find when on the water. A narrow passage past the final needle bay on the north side of the lake will get you there. There is a footbridge over the flow that you will have to go up and over to access the flow. Once on the flow the current is not all that strong, and you will be heading downstream. There are several oxbows which slow travel and make the use of longer boats very difficult to navigate. The flow gets very narrow in spots and over grown by vegetation, but still navigable. A very long day will access you to the widening of the flow where you could carry out to Balsam Pond Trailhead off Route 3 between Massawepie and Cranberry Lake. 

Type of launch: about 100 foot carry along a path, flat

Type of water: Massawepie Lake is a very large body of water, over 400 acres in size. Under most conditions it is calm, especially near shore. Out in the open water it does have the potential to be rough going.


Look for lake trout and smallmouth bass. No motorized craft allowed on any waterbodies in Massawepie.


Lake Trout, Small Mouth Bass
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