Carry Falls Reservoir

Carry Falls is the first of many reservoirs created by Brookfield Power on the Raquette River. This rather large body of water is a very mellow paddle, and if it were not for the dam you wouldn’t know it was a man-made feature.


From the launch you can paddle upstream (which is south) for quite some time to enjoy the scenery.

How to get there

From the intersection of Route 3 and Route 30 in the Village of Tupper Lake, follow Route 3 west to Piercefield, New York. Then head south on Wood Ave toward Waller St for 0.1 miles before turning right onto NY-3 west for 10.4 miles. Turn right onto Sevey Rd for 0.3 miles. Then turn right onto NY-56 north for the next 3.7 miles. Turn right onto Hollywood Road for 0.5 miles to a seasonal road. At the 0.1 mile point the road will bend to the right, and the destination will be on the left, 66 feet further down.

Type of launch

Roadside, less than 100 foot carry down a steep concrete launch

Type of water

This is large flow of the Raquette River and perfect for all types of paddling. Small motor driven boats may be on the water.

Please note

This is a large water body, and high winds can create large waves in the open portion. In such cases, paddlers should stay close to shore or in more sheltered portions of the reservoir.


Carry Falls Reservoir  is over 3,000 acres. Access from a boat launch near the dam operated by Brookfield Power.


smallmouth bass, yellow perch, rock bass, walleye, Northern pike, bullhead, whitefish

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is allowed for walleye, yellow perch, and tiger muskellunge.

Find out more

Considering expanding the paddling trek along the Raquette River, from the confluence of Dead Creek to Carry Falls Reservoir and the Jordan River from the outlet of Marsh Pond to Carry Falls Reservoir are both designated Scenic Rivers.