44.162683, -74.564933
Bridge Brook Pond
Route 421, Piercefield

This pond can only be accessed from a paddle and portage from Tupper Lake. Once you have negotiated the steep launch onto Tupper Lake you can enjoy a nice paddle. Remember, Tupper Lake has motorboat access. Remain closer to the shore and enjoy a nice paddle through the bays of Tupper Lake and access the carry trail on the west side. 

Bridge Brook Pond is a gem of a backcountry pond with numerous small bays and tributaries. Camping exists on the pond. There's also a foot trial on the southwest side that leads back to Black Pond and eventually to Route 421.  

Getting there

From the intersection of routes 30 and 3 in Tupper Lake, follow Route 30 toward Long Lake. Continue to the intersection with Route 421 on your right. Follow Route 421 for about 0.5 miles to the Bog River Falls site. Parking is on the left after the stone bridge. Almost directly across the road from the parking area is the launch onto Tupper Lake.   


  • Launch: Less than 100 feet, steep downhill to Tupper Lake, dirt
  • Type of Carry: The carry from Tupper Lake to Bridge Brook Pond is mostly flat with decent footing; 0.4 miles in length. 
  • Type of Water: Tupper Lake is a large lake with motorboat access. Bridge Brook Pond is a backcountry pond with no motorboat access. The pond is well—sheltered and a wonderful paddle with a couple small camping areas. 
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