Twin Falls

This is part of the Cranberry Lake Waterfall Tour and a great Adirondack experience. None of the trails on the tour are marked. The trails are very easy to follow however, but slightly difficult to locate, bring a road map with you for better trail locations. You should always be careful around rapids and waterfalls, no matter the season. 

Getting there

From the intersection of Route 3 and Route 30 in the Village of Tupper Lake follow Route 3 toward Cranberry Lake. Follow Route 3 for 27 miles through Cranberry Lake to Tooley Pond Road. Turn down Tooley Pond Road and continue for 13.8 miles to the small trailhead on the left. Look for do not litter sign on a tree. 


Twin Falls is not so much two identical waterfalls but two that are side by side. From the trail you will have to cross a stream, which can be very tricky. A log spans the gap, but can be very slippery. Just about 20 feet upstream there is a shallow water area, where many cross on rocks, this might be the best solution. The span is less than 10 feet, but it may be necessary to wade the short width. On the opposite side you can continue over to the top of the falls, which is very slippery and should be approached with extreme caution. A trail also follows the side of the stream to the bottom of the first falls along this stream. You can see the larger falls from a distance as you work your way along shore.

Along shore there is the site of an old iron ore blast furnace, old piping and slag glass from the melting process, a very neat and historical place indeed.  

  • Distance Round Trip: 0.2 Miles
  • Elevation: 993’
  • Elevation Gain or Loss: None

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