Lower Horseshoe Ponds

Lower Horseshoe Ponds is not an official name for these unnamed ponds. The road you will be parking near is drivable to a point with a higher clearance vehicle, although it is not recommended and it is often flooded near the ponds. The road drops slightly down off the main road and leads on a flat grade to the ponds which will be on your right and left. Trails along the sides of the ponds will access you further along shore and through Massawepie. These ponds are very shallow with grassy shorelines, not making them a great paddling destination, but if you are in it for beauty, tranquility, and great birding, this is the place for you. 


Trailhead Location: 

From the intersection of Route 30 and Route 3 in Tupper Lake follow Route 3 toward Piercefield. Drive through Piercefield into Gale and locate the Massawepie Boy Scout Camp on the left. Continue down this road for 2.75 miles Past Horseshoe and Boottree Ponds and locate an old dirt road on the left, park here.


Distance Round Trip:

1.0 Miles


Elevation Gain or Loss: 



Time Round Trip:  

Family with Young Kids:     45 minutes

Experienced Hiker:         30 minutes

Out of Shape Hiker:     45 minutes