Lows Overlook


This hike starts along a forest road which often gets DEC use to access Lows Upper Dam. The road is mostly flat and passes by what is called Hitchens Marsh on your left. This marsh is a massive expanse of land. The road comes to Lows Upper Dam at Hitchens Pond which is a very scenic and historic location. 

The trail to Lows Overlook or Hitchens Overlook is located on the right side of the road near the remnants of a couple buildings. The trail is moderate and never gets really steep. The trail sweeps around the base and comes up the backside of the overlook along a long rock spine. To the northeast side of the spine there is a memorial to lows and very old carvings in the rock, it’s fun to explore.  


From the intersection of Route 30 and Route 3 in Tupper Lake, follow Route 30 toward Long Lake. Continue for 9.1 miles to Route 421 on your right. Turn down 421 and continue for 6.5 miles to the old railroad station on Horseshoe Lake. Cross the railroad tracks on a secondary road and continue for 0.9 miles to a gated road on the left, park here away from the gate.

Distance Round Trip

7.4 Miles



Elevation Gain or Loss


Time Round Trip

Family with Young Kids:     4 to 5 hours

Experienced Hiker:         3 to 4 hours

Out of Shape Hiker:     4 to 5 hours

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