Skiing at Paul Smith's College VIC

Please note that a day-use fee is required to use VIC trails in the winter. A season pass can also be purchased. 

There are over 25 miles of trails available at the Paul Smiths Visitors Interpretive Center (VIC). You have the choice to ski groomed or un-groomed trails. There are also a handful of snowshoe trails available, and excellent trails for skate skiing. Tracks are laid on most of the trails to provide track skiing. The VIC's trails are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the winter.

Choose from easy beginner trails to a slightly more advanced trail as you begin to improve. Be sure to grab a trail map when you enter the visitor center's main building. For more information, visit the VIC's website.

Note: There is a lot of water on the VIC property. Please be safe and stay on the trails, bridges, and boardwalks provided. Skiing and snowshoeing are never allowed on a frozen waterbody at the VIC.

Trailhead: In downtown Saranac Lake, take Route 86 west toward Paul Smiths. At the intersection with Route 30, turn right on Route 30 and look for the VIC entrance on the left after about a mile. Parking is just down the road.