Foliage Report

Fall In The Adirondacks

2017 Current Foliage Report: September 19

Region Represented: Adirondacks
Reporting Station: Tupper Lake
Percent of trees predicted to have changed by the upcoming weekend: 29%
Brilliance: Bright. Cool nights and warm days make for bright leaves starting to pop in our neck of the woods. They are becoming brighter, and more are changing each day. 
Predominating colors: Predominately green still, reds, yellows/goldens. 
Rating: Almost mid-point

Recent past reports


September 12

Percent of trees predicted to have changed by the upcoming weekend: 14%
Brilliance: Dull. Trees are just beginning to change, and colors showing are dull, but expected to brighten as the weeks go on. The green leaves are darkening right before they turn to reds oranges and yellows. 
Predominating colors: Dark, dull reds, gold/yellows, and a few oranges.
Rating: Beginning

September 7

Percent of trees predicted to have changed by the upcoming weekend: 8%
Brilliance: Trees are just beginning to change color, but most are still predominantly green. Maple trees are starting to show a hint of dull red, and some yellows are starting to peak through. 
Predominating colors: Still green, touch of red & yellow
Rating: Just beginning

Check it out!

Did you miss the opportunity to visit Tupper Lake this summer? The good news is fall is here and you still have ample time to see the leaves changing color! From the lush greens of summer, our leaves become vibrant hues of red, orange, and yellow as the Adirondack autumn air descends.

Fall is one of our favorite times in Tupper Lake because of the beautiful scenery and all of the outdoor activities we have to enjoy it! 

What to do...

Fall in Tupper Lake is filled with outdoor activities that are enhanced by the changing colors and brisk weather. Walk the Wild Walk to gain a cool perspective above the tree line, paddle the Raquette River and take in the reflection of the leaves on the water, or hike a mountain and see the canvas of changing leaves below you.

Fall is one of the most scenic times to play 18 holes at The Tupper Lake Golf Club, nestled charmingly among the changing trees. Our eateries and shops only get better as fall approaches and the smells of pumpkin, cinnamon, and apple flow through them.

What is your favorite thing about fall? Come find out as you explore the season in the Adirondacks.

Top places to take in the views...

Consider a hike to get the full experience of the changing leaves. The view of the colorful forests from the summit of a mountain is one of the best sights you can expect to see. Try the Tupper Triad in the fall for a different perspective. 

Check back weekly for updated foliage reports, and to track when the best time to come visit is! 

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