Cross-Country Skiing

Have Poles, Will Travel

Cross-country skiing is one of Tupper Lake's favorite winter pastimes. So don't wait! Come join us as we enjoy free access to the groomed trail network at the Tupper Lake Cross Country Ski Center, break trail on a backwoods cross-country ski adventure, and bundle up for an evening with the Adirondack Public Observatory for "Skiing with the Stars." 

Ski For A Day, A Weekend, A Week

Consider yourself warn! One day on the trails in and around Tupper Lake is never enough. Check out our lodging options and plan on spending a great weekend skiing, dining, and exploring the Adirondacks.

Slush Pond XC Ski Trail Walk back down Mountain Pond Road and cross Route 30 to Slush Pond Road. Slush Pond Road is a... Read More
Big Pine Trail From the trailhead you will be on a very flat snowshoe course which is perfect for the entire... Read More
Floodwood Loop This loop is not aggressive because of difficult terrain but rather the lack of use and overall... Read More
High Falls Loop Winter Trek Winter Overview and Trail Conditions: From the trailhead you will be on a very flat hike with... Read More
Hayes Brook Trail to Sheep Meadow This relatively easy ski will bring you back to a very attractive back-country location surrounded... Read More
Hedgehog Pond Trail Cross Country Ski From the trailhead you will be on a very flat cross-country ski/snowmobile trail. There is a slight... Read More
Ward Brook Trail to #4 Lean-to From the trailhead start your ski along an old woods road; wide and flat. After a short climb take... Read More
Burntbridge Pond Winter Overview and Trail Conditions: From the trailhead you will be on a very flat cross-country... Read More
Gilbert Tract Loop Below is described in a clockwise direction. At the trailhead you will notice an old woods road on... Read More
Peavine Swamp Loops The best way to do all the trails is to follow the lowland trail all the way back to the lean-to... Read More
Kettle Trail The Kettle Trail is an out and back cross-country ski trail built for equine use in the summer, but... Read More
Stony Creek Pond   Winter Overview and Trail Conditions: From the parking are cross Route 3, carefully. Wait till... Read More
Fish Pond Truck Trail From Fish Hatchery Road, start by skiing the access road to the railroad tracks. At the railroad... Read More
Tupper Lake Country Club, XC Ski Trails Winter Overview and Trail Conditions: This Nordic ski center is an excellent place to go if you... Read More
Fernow Plantation Loop Cross Country Ski Trail Fernow Trail was named after Bernhard Fernow one of the fathers of modern forestry and the first... Read More
Lower Dam/Big Trout Lake Once you arrive at the parking area, which is also considered a snowmobile staging area, you can... Read More
Deer Pond Loop While the loop is a great option for your day, Deer Pond is the finest destination point and you... Read More
High Rock Winter Ski From the trailhead you will be on a very flat ski with Skate Creek on your left, which looks more... Read More
Bog River Trail From the gate, pass through and ski along an old road and approach an old bridge over the Bog River... Read More
Otter Trail Loop Winter Overview and Trail Conditions: Starting this loop along the foot trail you will notice that... Read More
Trombley Clearing This trail is seldom used in any large capacity during the winter; this is mainly due to parking.... Read More
Janacks Landing Trail The trail starts out rather easily once you sidestep up the steep embankment to the trail register... Read More
Raquette Falls The trail to Raquette Falls is a wide, multiuse trail that follows the east side of Raquette River... Read More
Paul Smith's College VIC XC Ski Trails Please note that a day-use fee is required to use VIC trails in the winter. A season pass can also... Read More


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