Tupper Lake, Adirondacks

Situated at the crossroads of the Adirondacks in Upstate New York, Tupper Lake is known for its pristine lakes, picturesque hiking trails, and friendly atmosphere. Discover fun attractions, great restaurants, unique events, and unparalleled outdoor recreation opportunities as you explore this quaint destination. With so much to do, Tupper Lake has lots of options for your next family vacation. 


World-class attractions!

While you're here, make sure to explore The Wild Center -- a world-renowned facility designed to engage visitors with the natural environment of the Adirondacks. Enjoy hours wandering the exhibits, watching the otters swim, soaring like an eagle on the new Wild Walk, and roaming the meticulously maintained nature trails. 

As the sun sets over Tupper Lake, another attraction on the other end of town comes to life! Join us for free stargazing at the Adirondack Public Observatory. Take advantage of our expansive skyline and the lack of distractions as you stargaze from this state-of-the-art roll-off-roof observatory.


Four-season Adirondack vacation destination

With every seasonal change, our Adirondack playground comes to life with new chances to connect to nature and our surroundings. Travelers and residents take to the trails choosing from miles of scenic routes on which to hike and explore. Birders are attracted to the area and can often be seen tallying their counts along our scenic trails or driving along our many scenic roadways. Bring your family and connect to nature with our many outdoor activities while making new memories in Tupper Lake this season! 

Are you ready to discover Tupper Lake, where every day leads to a new adventure? Start planning yours today! 

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