Ice Fishing

Adirondack Ponds and Lakes -- Year-Round Activity!

While some people prefer to head indoors when the temperatures dip, most anglers look forward to one of winter's most popular activities: ice fishing! 

For generations, the waters surrounding Tupper Lake have been calling fishermen and women to come seek out the trophy-winning fish that are known to lurk beneath the surface. In the winter, as the cold weather bears down on Upstate New York, the lakes and ponds freeze over, and the boats that graced the water on warmer days are quickly replaced by ice shanties and flag-popping action.

Welcome to Hardwater Season!

Grab your augers and tip-ups and come experience why anglers of all abilities consider Tupper Lake to be a fishing haven. It might be the monster-sized northern pike that the annual Northern Challenge Ice Fishing Derby showcases each February. Possibly it is the legend of the state record walleye that is believed to be roaming unscathed, just waiting for you to drop the bait. Or maybe it is simply the breathtaking winter scenery set against the backdrop of small-town charm. Whatever the elements that make up the ideal winter fishing trip might be, odds are Tupper Lake will offer just what you are looking for.

Popular Winter Ice Fishing Holes:

  • Simon Pond: Located on the southern end of the town of Tupper Lake, the frozen cap on top of Simon Pond is proven to be a gold mine for bringing in northern pike, perch, and walleye.
  • Raquette Pond: Situated in the middle of the village, Raquette Pond provides easily accessible ice fishing within walking distance of lodging, dining, and other amenities.

 Fishing for all ages!

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