Simon Pond

Simon Pond is essentially just a flood plain of the Raquette River. Similar to that of Tupper Lake it has the potential to have numerous motorboats. From here you can access Tupper Lake, Raquette Pond, and the Raquette River with ease.

The separation between Big Simon Pond and Tupper Lake is a heavily grassed area where birding is at its best and motor boats are required to travel very slowly.

The only downfall to Big Simon Pond is the entire shoreline is private except for the area that follows Route 30. There are two very distinct launches for Big Simon Pond aside from those on Raquette Pond and Tupper Lake. One is off Lake Simond Road and the other is off Route 30.

Type of launch:

  1. Lake Simond Road Launch: Narrow path, slightly downhill to shore. 200 feet in distance.
  2. Route 30 Launch: Roadside, steep embankment of less than 50 feet.

Type of water:

This is a large lake with almost no protection from the elements or windy conditions. While on some days it can be very calm, other days it can whip up some decent sized whitecaps when out in the open waters. On windy days stay closer to shore or in the grassy areas for added protection.

Always be on the lookout for motorboats.

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