Little Pine Pond

This destination lies off any developed and mapped trail system; the use and understanding of GPS and/or map and compass is highly recommended. When traveling off-trail you will experience hazards not realized on a trail, expect more difficult and varying conditions and always lean toward safety as a priority. 

The forest is an open hardwoods and very easy to walk through. Looking deep into the woods you can see the opening in the trees where the small pond rests. Some old overgrown woods roads are in the area, but are not used for pond access. The shore is a bit tough work through as it tightens up and the grassy shore leaves with nice views out over the pond. This is also an excellent location for birding and surely a secluded outing. 

Trailhead Location: 

From the intersection of Route 3 and Route 30 in the Village of Tupper Lake follow Route 30 toward Long Lake. Continue to Route 421 on the right and follow here. Continue on 421 to its end where it becomes a dirt surface. Remain on the dirt road to the old railroad station and cross the tracks. Remain on the main dirt road which can be a tad rough in spots. At just over 1.5 miles you will be to the north of the pond, park roadside.    

Distance Round Trip:

0.5 Miles

Elevation Gain or Loss: 

Less than 10’loss

Time Round Trip:  

Family with Young Kids:     Not recommended

Experienced Hiker:         30 Minutes

Out of Shape Hiker:     Not recommended