Yoga at Tupper Arts

Oct 17th 10:00am, Oct 22nd 10:00am, Oct 24th 10:00am, Oct 29th 10:00am, Oct 31st 10:00am, Nov 5th 10:00am, Nov 7th 10:00am, Nov 12th 10:00am, Nov 14th 10:00am, Nov 19th 10:00am, Nov 21st 10:00am, Nov 26th 10:00am, Nov 28th 10:00am
(518) 359-5042

Johnna MacDougall will continue to teach classes Tuesdays & Thursdays at 1O a.m. at the Sunset Stage this fall, and, if the weather is bad,* classes will be held at the Tupper Arts Center. All yoga classes are still only $10 per class! 

*Classes will be outside at The Bandshell if it’s 40 degrees or above, sunny and not windy. Those taking yoga should go to The Bandshell first to see if Johnna is there setting up for class; if not, she will be at the Arts Center. 

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