P-2’s Irish Pub presents the 2021 Summer Music Series where you can enjoy dinner, drinks and an evening of musical talent!

Yod Crewsy, coming from Long Lake, has been playing rhythm guitar and singing in bands (the SplatCats, the JackLords, the Dark Marbles) in Buffalo, NYC, and NJ constantly from 1984 to 2009. He has released 4 of his own CDs (one of which was officially released 6/16/21), and have been on several records before that. He has played open mics as a regular in Long Lake since 2009, and have often played at the open mic held at P-2s. He enjoys blues, garage-rock, British Invasion material, folk, and other “boomer” favorites.

John Weyl is a singer and guitarist from Rochester, NY, where he also leads a popular blues band. John plays a mixture of Rock, Blues, and Country, and has published 3 CD’s, and is listed on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube.

*During P-2's shows, we will be supporting 3 causes through our “Trinity Drawing.” Proceeds will be divided 3 ways: 1) 33% will go to the winner of the drawing 2) 33% to support the live music series and 3) 34% will be donated to the special cause selected by the musician(s) playing. Thank you in advance for your participation and support!

Trinity Drawing Cause: Multiple Sclerosis

We look forward to seeing you at P-2’s! Cheers!