“The Story Ending”

The Elk's Club Winter Carnival Murder Mystery starts with fable characters telling how the victim died. Thus commences the February production of: "The Story Ending."

It is the start, but the conclusion is one of those characters committed the murder and it is the responsibility of the audience to solve the mystery. Appropriately enough the murder mystery play takes place February 1, 8 & 15, beginning during the aptly themed “Myths and Legends” Saranac Lake Winter Carnival.

The victim... could have been killed by any number of fabled characters -- from the Snow Princess to the Pirate of Trout Lake or even the Televangelist. In the world of myths, they had reason to be done with the victim --- William Benjamin Dragon.

All the legendary characters of Trout Lake have a story to tell, one of the stories will be true and that story does not have a happy ending. That story that character reveals is his or her demons won out and ended the life of Will B. Dragon.Yes, one of the mythical characters, has slayed the dragon!

Each of the characters is a bit unstable and capable of poisoning the gilded apple. Worse for Dragon, they had a reason, but only one found a way. Each performance a different character will be the murderer and responsible for ending the story.

Each of the first three performances of the Gem*Boy Productions of "The Story Ending" will take place at The Elk's Club (Saranac Lake), with happy hour at 6:32 pm, the show beginning at 7:04 pm, and dinner at 7:55 pm. 

The show will feature the acting talents of Jon Fremante, McCayla Quinn, Jameson Batt, Ella Robjent and Janeen Streeter.



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