Power of Produce Club: Week 8

Aug 24th (All day)
Online - at home!
(518) 962-4810 ext: 405

Join us this farmers market season for the Power of Produce Club - Online version!

The Power of Produce (POP) Club is a farmers market children's program that aims to teach children about fruits and vegetables, local food systems, and making healthy food choices through a series of fun activities. Each week the POP Club meets at local farmers markets, and children get an opportunity to taste a locally grown fruit or vegetable, participate in the activity and choose a fruit or vegetable to purchase. This year, COVID-19 is hindering our ability to run the POP Club as anticipated, but we would still like to offer a modified version that children can participate in from home. Each week we will focus on a fruit or vegetable in season that can be purchased at the local farmers markets, with an activity to help children learn about the local food system.

Please note: Registration is required for each child to participate in this event. You only need to register once to be able to participate in activities each week. Register here: https://pub.cce.cornell.edu/event_registration/main/events_landing.cfm?event=popclub2020_215

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