Mingo @ P-2's Irish Pub

Jul 1st 6:00pm
P-2's Irish Pub
Address: 31 Main St, Tupper Lake, New York 12986
(917) 328-3114

P-2’s Irish Pub presents the 2022 Summer Music Series where you can enjoy dinner, drinks and an evening of musical talent with Mingo...

Mingo’s shows are always fun and engaging! You will enjoy his various repertoire of genre (rock, country, blues) and may even participate with your favorite percussion!

"Trinity Drawing" - Hope for Miracles

During P-2's shows, we will be supporting 3 causes through our “Trinity Drawing.” Proceeds will be divided 3 ways: 1) 33% will go to the winner of the drawing 2) 33% to support the live music series and 3) 34% will be donated to the special cause selected by the musician(s) playing. Thank you in advance for your participation and support!

We look forward to seeing you at P-2’s! Cheers!