Long Pond Trail


Enjoy backcountry mountain biking with Long Pond Trail in the Whitehill Wild Forest. This trail is 3.4 miles long, stretching between its trailhead on the Goldmine Conservation Easement Tract to the Clear Pond Parking Area. The trail passes Lilypad Pond, Long Pond, and Little Rock Pond before reaching Clear Pond.

The trail ascends 300 feet in the first 0.6 mile and then descends the same distance in the next mile. The remainder of the trail consists of small ascents and descents, as there are no mountains in this area.

The Goldmine seasonal access road is also open to mountain biking.


The Long Pond Trailhead is 32.7 miles from Piercefield Flow. Head northwest on Raquette Flow Rd toward NY-3 E for 0.8 miles. Then follow NY-3 W and NY-56 N to Stark Rd in Colton for 24 miles. Take Joe Indian Road to the trailhead for 7.8 miles.


The trail has small changes in elevation, and many rugged areas with roots and rocks. It can be any distance with a there-and-back.


This area is know for open bog and conifer-dominated, peaty forest areas. They are rare Adirondack examples of low elevation boreal forest habitat. The trees are mostly spruce, larch, and pine. Look for Lincoln's sparrow, black-backed woodpecker, gray jay, boreal chickadee, olive-sided and yellow-bellied flycatcher, rusty blackbird, and palm warbler.

Any area with a lot of tamaracks, also known as eastern larch, are a fine place to look for the endangered spruce grouse. This is especially true in late fall, when spruce grouse flock to these areas where the needles turn a lovely gold.


This trail joins three ponds which are considered the quietest in the Adirondacks. This part of the White Hill Wild Forest is known for brook trout. The use of baitfish is prohibited on Clear Pond, Lilypad Pond, and Long Pond.

Clear Pond is the largest at 35 acres and is stocked with brook trout. It can be accessed separately via the Clear Pond Loop Trail. Lilypad Pond and Long Pond both have high, rocky shorelines.


Clear Pond has an ADA-compliant hand launch on the northeastern shore, for paddlers and small boats. The nearby picnic site and campsite may be used by people with mobility disabilities.


A designated tent site is located on the shores of both Lilypad Pond and Long Pond. Four designated tent sites and one accessible campsite are located on the shore of Clear Pond.


This area consists of gentle rolling hills which make it easy to enjoy a winter trek.