Bog River Falls

Just a few miles south of Tupper Lake, you will find a “must visit” location during your Adirondack Vacation! In the Horseshoe Wild Forest in the Town of Piercefield, the babbling Bog River pours into the southern tip of Big Tupper Lake via a beautiful set of falls. The upper portion of the waterfall splits around a small island. The bottom and steeper portion of the falls travels under a beautiful stone bridge and then cascades into Big Tupper Lake. 

Year round, this is a beautiful location to visit. On both sides of the fall you will find a series of heard paths allowing you to approach the waterfall from different vantage points. Large flat rocks to the sides of the falls offer the perfect spot to sunbath or enjoy a picnic lunch as you listen to the rhythmic sound of the water. On the eastern side of the upper falls you may even find some brave swimmers sliding down the rocks when the water is calm and the temps are up. 

So, whether you are fishing, birding or simply relaxing you will be happy you visited the majestic Bog River Falls!

How to Get There

From the Village of Tupper Lake, take New York State Route 30 south to County Route 421. Turn right onto Route 421 and travel for .75 miles. At this point you will cross the falls via a bridge and will find a small parking area with room for approximately 6-7 vehicles to your right.

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