Lake Lila | Paddling

Lake Lila is located south of Tupper Lake on the way to Long Lake. Surrounded by campsites along the shores of Lake Lila, and camp sites available on Spruce Island and Buck Island, this is a great spot to take a multi-day paddle. It takes a bit longer to get out here, so once you are there you might as well stay and enjoy yourself. There are no motor boats allowed on this lake.

How to get there: Head south on Route 30 for 12 miles until Route 30 intersects with Hamilton County Route 10A, or the Sabattis Road. When you reach this intersection, turn west onto Route 30 and continue on until you hit the Lake Lila Access Road. You will know you are on this road when the road turns into a dirt road. Continue on for 5.6 miles until you see the gate and a parking area. Take your boat out here, and there is a carry for 3/10 of a mile to reach the lake.

Type of launch: hand launch

Type of water: flat water

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