Otter Trail Loop

Winter Overview and Trail Conditions:

Starting this loop along the foot trail you will notice that it gets very infrequent use. The trail remains at a low grade and rather flat as you pass by several back-country ponds and the Little Square Pond on your right. The trail makes a sweeping turn as it follows by Floodwood Pond and eventually to Rollins Pond. At the north end of Rollins Pond the trail comes back to the campsite road where you will have to ski the wide shoulder and often through the campsites back to your car.

Elevation Gain/Loss to Destination:

Roughly 100-200 feet over the course of the loop

Approximate Time, Round Trip:

Family with Kids:                        Not recommended

Experienced Skier:                        3 to 4 hours

Out of Shape/Beginner Skier:            4 to 5 hours

Distance Round Trip:

8.4 miles, Loop

Trailhead Location:

From the intersection of Route 30 and Route 3 in Tupper Lake follow Route 3/30 toward Saranac Lake. Where Route 3 and Route 30 split; follow Route 30 toward Fish Creek. Continue for 5.5 miles to the entrance to the Rollins Pond Campground on the left – this is also a snowmobile staging area. Drive down the campsite road for around 1-mile to the Otter Trail on the right. If you can’t drive the campsite road park in a safe location near the staging area and ski the road.

Difficulty: 1=beginner, 5=advanced

Four: Mainly due to distance and infrequent use.

Additional Important Information:

The road through the campground may not be plowed requiring the skier to travel the 1-mile to the trailhead – adding 2-miles to the days loop. 

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