Family Weekends at The Wild Center

Jan 12th 10:00am, Jan 13th 10:00am, Jan 14th 10:00am, Jan 19th 10:00am, Jan 20th 10:00am, Jan 21st 10:00am, Jan 26th 10:00am, Jan 27th 10:00am, Jan 28th 10:00am, Feb 2nd 10:00am, Feb 3rd 10:00am, Feb 4th 10:00am, Feb 9th 10:00am, Feb 10th 10:00am, Feb 11th 10:00am, Feb 16th 10:00am, Feb 17th 10:00am, Feb 18th 10:00am, Feb 23rd 10:00am, Feb 24th 10:00am, Feb 25th 10:00am, Mar 2nd 10:00am, Mar 3rd 10:00am, Mar 4th 10:00am, Mar 9th 10:00am, Mar 10th 10:00am, Mar 11th 10:00am, Mar 16th 10:00am, Mar 17th 10:00am, Mar 18th 10:00am, Mar 23rd 10:00am, Mar 24th 10:00am, Mar 25th 10:00am, Mar 30th 10:00am, Mar 31st 10:00am
The Wild Center
Address: 45 Museum Dr, Tupper Lake, New York
Free for members or with paid admission
(518) 359-7800

Get your family out of the house for Family Weekends at The Wild Center. Grab a pair of snowshoes and hit the trails to explore on your own or on a guided naturalist walk. Relax inside with The Wild Center's river otters, a featured film and a warm beverage while you explore the exhibits and see an Adirondack animal up close.  Family Weekends are free for members or with paid admission, and include free use of snowshoes.

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