Seward Mountain | Snowshoe

Peak Name

Seward Mountain

Most Popular Winter Trailhead 

Calkins Brook



Round Trip Distance

14.0 miles

Average Round-trip Time

10 hours, just Seward------12+ hours for Seward, Donaldson, Emmons. 

Winter Obstacles to be Aware Of

At time ice buildup can happen on the slopes of the trail in particular nearing the summit; traction can be tough. The road to the summer trailhead may be closed in the winter requiring hikers to park at the Raquette Falls Trailhead; this will add 6-7 miles to the round-trip distance. This closure is different from year to year based on conditions. 

Route Overview

The initial part quickly comes to the horse trail on the right, don’t follow this but stay on the foot trail. At just over a mile you will then come to another intersection, this one is a major one, and you want to take a left to reach the Calkins Brook Herd-path. The herd-path is some distance away and will be on the left. The access trail is an old road which is wide and easy to snowshoe, but there is a significant descent to the herd-path. 

Once on the herd-path it can be a bit tough to follow if it has not been used or you don’t know its exact location. The grade isn’t terribly steep, but it is long and demanding. The herd-path will bring you to the ridge with Seward to the left and Donaldson and Emmons to the right. Follow left. There is a decent descent into the col before you climb up through a narrow gully where ice can be apparent, but never too much of an issue. There is a false summit of Seward, don’t get fooled, wait to see the summit sign. Views from the summit are limited, but the false summit had nice ones. 

Essential Gear

Microspikes may be needed for better traction in spots but snowshoes may be adequate 

Please refer to our basic list of winter gear recommendations for day trips and remember this list is only a recommendation and you should take into light your experience, group size, length of trip, conditions, weather forecast, and any unforeseen incidences. 

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