Tupper Lake Arts Show

Aug 8th 11:00am, Aug 9th 11:00am, Aug 10th 11:00am, Aug 11th 11:00am, Aug 12th 11:00am, Aug 13th 11:00am, Aug 14th 11:00am, Aug 15th 11:00am, Aug 16th 11:00am, Aug 17th 11:00am, Aug 18th 11:00am, Aug 19th 11:00am, Aug 20th 11:00am, Aug 21st 11:00am, Aug 22nd 11:00am, Aug 23rd 11:00am, Aug 24th 11:00am, Aug 25th 11:00am
Address: 83 Park Street, Tupper Lake, New York

The 45th Annual Tupper Lake Arts Show

The Show will kick off on August 8th and run through August 25th with a wide variety of different works from local and regional artists. The show will run daily from 11 am to 4 pm. The Arts Show will be held at the new arts center at 106 park street. 

Types of work on display:

Oils, watercolors, acrylics, pastels, drawings, graphics, photography, sculpture, textile art, computer generated art, jewelry design, mixed media and more.

Show your work:

Calling all artists! If you are interested in displaying your work in the 45th Annual Tupper Lake Arts Show, Contact Louise McNally at (518) 354-0888 or e-mail weezymcnally@gmail.com

All proceeds from the Arts Show go to the Tupper Lake Arts.

Download artist participant packet

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