NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) Northeast is proud to present An American Ascent, a documentary film about the first African-American expedition to tackle North America’s highest peak, Denali. The film addresses often overlooked issues of race and the outdoors as it follows the team up the mountain, chronicling the many challenges of climbing one of the world’s most iconic peaks. For more information, visit

Stay for a Q&A with NOLS instructor and accomplished outdoor educator and mountaineer James Kagambi (KG). He joined NOLS as a field instructor in 1987, and has worked in Africa, Chile, Alaska, India, and the United States as a backpacking, climbing, and mountaineering instructor. He has also completed three of the Seven Summits and in 1992 represented Africa in the U.N Peace Climb for the world on the Eiger. KG has summited the Eiger three times, was the first black African to summit Denali in 1989, and was the first black African to summit Aconcagua in 1994. He has led other climbs including Expedition Denali- First African American expedition to Denali.

In his home country of Kenya, KG has guided on Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro since the 1990s and today trains search and rescue teams on Mount Kenya, Kilimanjaro, and Rwenzoris. KG’s contributions to the field of rock climbing and mountaineering in Kenya have led to recognition and honors in his country. KG is the founder and owner of KG Mountain Expeditions in Kenya. While not enjoying his favorite activity—high altitude mountaineering—KG enjoys spending time with his family and three children in Naromoru, Kenya.

This event is free and open to the public.

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