Follensby Clear Pond Boat Launch

Finding an easier pond-hopping paddling experience than this one is hard to come by. The carries are extremely short, so you can practically see from lake to lake.

Boat launch: The boat launch is on Route 30, about 2 miles south of Saranac Inn and about 17 miles north of Tupper Lake. There is a beach launch with parking for 10 vehicles, and it's ADA compliant.

From the launch, you can paddle the 3-mile length of Follensby Clear, a beautiful Adirondack pond with numerous first come, first served campsites found along its shore and on islands. With so many waterbodies nearby, several loops are possible either by taking a short portage or by paddling a connector channel. From the northern end of Follensby Clear it's easy to get to Green Pond and Polliwog Pond. From the western shore Horseshoe Pond can be accessed, and from the southern end one can paddle into Fish Creek Ponds and on to Upper Saranac Lake.

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