A Snowy Snowshoe

Discovering the Junction Pass Trail

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Submitted by Guest Blogger: Libby Gillis, Tupper Lake Middle School

Fresh Snow

After getting 18 inches of snow here in Tupper Lake, today was a perfect day to get outside and enjoy it! I enjoyed the snow by going snowshoeing on the Tupper Lake Junction Pass trail. With temperatures in the high 20s and a light snow falling, the weather was great for being outdoors. We parked at the train station and snowshoed to the end of the trail and back. Here's a quick recap of our adventure.

Pancakes & bacon from the Lumberjack!

First, we started off our day with a delicious breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and bacon at the Lumberjack diner. There is no better way to start your day than a Lumberjack breakfast. After that, we were fueled up for some exercise. We set out on the trail to take advantage of the late season snow.

So much snow you can't see my snowshoes!

A popular sight in the Junction of Tupper Lake

While working our way down the trail, we came across a snowy bridge which was a great place to stop and take some nice pictures. As we made our way further down the trail, we were able to see a great view of the historical OWD (Oval Wood Dish) smoke stacks. 

The 3-mile round trip trail has multiple uses all year round. However, in the winter, it's a great way to get out and enjoy some fresh air after being cooped up inside for a while. Whether you're cross-country skiing, walking, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and more you're sure to have some family friendly fun. Although if you're snowmobiling, we ask that you please avoid bridges by going around them.

Keep in mind there is more snow in the forecast so pack your snow gear and plan a trip to Tupper Lake. Find a place to stay, enjoy one of our great restaurants, and if you're looking for other places to snowshoe, you can check out the Tupper Lake Groomed XC Ski Center trails at the golf course.                


Libby’s Blog

Great job on the Blog Libby!

Powder in Tupper Lake!

Libby your descriptions and pictures make me want to visit Tupper Lake asap! See you soon! Love Aunt Barbara

Snowshoe Heaven

I love this trail. I’m glad it’s being used in the winter too!

Thanks for the pictures and the reminder of the fun you can have in Tupper in the winter.

Aunt Jane

Junction Pass

Hey Lib, Nice job with the blog and excellent way to promote Tupper Lake!
Lots of Love,

Junction Pass Trail

Hey Lib, Nice job with the blog and excellent way to promote Tupper Lake.
Thank you!

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