Hop to Green Pond

Another Pin!

Lisa Sciacca

Headed to Green Pond!

It was about 1:45 p.m. when I arrived at the Follensby Clear parking area's southern end, off Route 30. As I neared the parking area I was thinking there probably won't be a place to park due to my getting there so late, but there was surprisingly ample parking. After assisting some fellow paddlers with car problems I launched and headed along the perimeter of the pond, toward the northern end, where I would find the carry to Green Pond. 

Within 10 minutes I spotted a loon and made two attempts to capture him with the camera, but with no success.  

A fun place for families

There were four families picnicking at campsites along my route, one of which was the King family, former owners of Main Street Restaurant in Tupper Lake. They were having a great time in the water and allowed me to photograph them. Follensby Clear is a great place to take little ones, as the water is shallow with a sandy bottom. There were also a few families camping, but the pond was relatively unoccupied for a holiday weekend.

The King family having a blast!

Easy portage

My towel was already in the backpack, so I added some water bottles and my camera, which was stuffed into a waterproof case I purchased at Raquette River Outfitters. I tied my foam cushion, a seat my sons use while hunting, to my canoe, hoisted it onto my shoulder, and began my trek. After 30 steps I moved the canoe over my head and after another 30 steps it was back on my shoulder! This time I managed to get it in a somewhat comfortable position. The remaining 140 steps (small steps -- I have short legs!) was a walk in the park.

The portage to Green is just a hop. It starts with a short incline, not very steep, then the remainder of the trail is flat. The last few steps are a slight decline on a few log stairs to the water's edge. 

The carry from Green Pond back to Follensby Clear Pond


Frog sighting

Green Pond is a bit green and larger than I anticipated. I leisurely paddled along the woodsy shoreline and came across a frog on a log. He was a big one and very cooperative! As I neared him, I expected him to leap into the pond but he didn't. I even nosed the bow of the canoe into the log and he remained right there on the log. Very photogenic! 

Just look at those eyes!

Residential area

I paddled on the eastern shoreline and saw the launch site off of Route 30, a nice shallow and sandy put in; however, since I have not used this access I can't say anything about the drive in or parking area. On the northeastern and northern shoreline there were approximately 20 homes or camps. Several residents were swimming and others were enjoying happy hour on the docks.

Once past the residential area a couple of loons popped up. They submerged and re-emerged a couple of times, but they were too quick. No chance of me getting a shot!  I spotted another frog on a log and he was just as cooperative as the first one. Since the loons were not cooperating, I took shots of frog number two -- of course you want to see him too, right?

It was a frog day!

Why Green Pond?

You may wonder why I would paddle such a small pond. The answer is simple: I have not paddled it before and I am pinning my paddles! Last fall I decided I wanted to paddle everything I could get to and track where I have been, so I would pin them. I purchased two "Adirondack Paddler's Map North." The map has two sides, so I need two maps for pinning. I purchased a 48-by-36-inch tri-fold board and mapping pins. I have fastened a map to each side of the board. Just a little something to add to my passion for paddling.

Some of my pins!

Back to Follensby Clear Pond

Loon threesome!

Back at the carry I again packed everything up and hoisted the canoe on my shoulder. This time no adjustments were needed -- it remained in place until I reached Follensby Clear Pond. I headed along the western shoreline, and as I neared the end it I saw the whites on the underside of three loons. The sun was hitting them just right and they appeared to glow.

A bit prettier than the frog!

 What a great ending to a paddle. I was very happy with another pin and some decent loon shots!

Resisted temptations!

I departed the parking area around 6:30 p.m. and I was hungry, but I did not give into the urge to stop at the Trading Post for an ice cream. Instead I headed home to enjoy some leftovers -- chicken and coleslaw from Shaheen's IGA -- something easy for this tired paddler.

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